Wrap Up of The Block 2021

Wrap Up of The Block 2021

Now that the hammer has fallen on all five properties, another season of The Block is officially behind us. After weeks of hard work – and plenty of drama – every team has walked away with a tidy return. But the (somewhat surprising) result has got us thinking… how much of an impact did the kitchens have on the final outcome?

SPOILER ALERT: We’ve listed the contestants in order of total profit. If you haven’t seen the final episode, and don’t want to ruin the result for yourself, maybe stop reading here…

Mitch and Mark – Profit: $644,444.44 + $100,000 winner’s prize (Sale Price: $4,044,444.44)

The winner’s kitchen was a point of great contention, with the judges questioning the functionality of their desire. Specifically, they had an issue with the choice to include more drawers rather than a traditional pantry. As this was corrected before Auction Day, we’ll never know how buyers would respond – but we agree with the judges on this one.

Beyond that minor issue, the kitchen was visually quite stunning. The colour palette was soft but impactful, and the choice of materials felt rich and luxurious. The long island bench and small seating area near the bay window were also nice touches.

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Luke and Josh – Profit: $530,000 (Sale Price: $3,930,000)

While the judges liked Luke and Josh’s kitchen, they felt it also had some obvious functionality issues. Most significantly, they questioned the placement of the fridge, the lack of lighting choices, and the direction of the pantry doors. Beyond that, they liked the natural light, the high-contrast colour scheme, and the warmth added by the Christian Cole timber feature.

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Tania and Vito – Profit: $400,000.01 (Sale Price: $3,800,000.01)

Tania and Vito’s kitchen was yet another plagued by functionality problems. The judges particularly questioned the placement of the fridge and how it would impact the flow of the area. They also noted the limited usable prep space and lack of waste management solutions in the butler’s pantry.

Apart from that, the judges loved most of their design choices. While we feel the pink cabinetry and terrazzo benchtops are polarising, the judges applauded them for their bold choices. They also appreciated the geometry of the different shaped windows and skylights throughout the space.

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Kirsty and Jesse – Profit: $301,523.67 (Sale Price: $4,401,523.67)

Despite being the judges’ favourite, Kirsty and Jesse’s kitchen was not enough to secure them the season win. Calling it a “celebration of food and wine”, they were won over by the warmth and ambience of the space. They also appreciated the generousness of the design, noting the kitchen functioned independently of the butler’s pantry – which, by itself, was another functional kitchen.

The judges were also extremely pleased with the look of the kitchen, which had a clear nod to the ever-popular Hampton’s style. The combination of navy cabinetry, white subway tiles, and brass handles and tapware was described as ‘classy’ and ‘beautifully resolved’.  

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Ronnie and Georgia – Profit: $296,000 (Sale Price: $3,696,000)

While they did note some minor functionality issues, the judges were fans of the layout of Ronnie and Georgia’s kitchen. They particularly liked the ample of storage and ‘five zone’ layout, though they did have reservations about the scale of some features. But, overall, they were won over by the simplicity and texture of the design and sophistication of the styling.

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How big of an impact did the kitchens have?

As the above shows, there was little correlation between the judge’s kitchen scores and the final auction result. However, we believe there were other important factors impacting this – like the land size, auction reserves, and location along the street. In addition, many design flaws were fixed prior to the auction. As such, we maintain that, as the heart of the home, a beautiful and functional kitchen will always help with resale.

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