Why the Lockdown is the Perfect Time to Plan a Kitchen Makeover

Why the Lockdown is the Perfect Time to Plan a Kitchen Makeover

With the vast majority of Victorians spending a lot more time at home, many of us have turned to cooking and baking to keep ourselves entertained. But if you’ve been filling your days with sourdough starters, banana bread, and at-home meal kits, you may have noticed your kitchen is in dire need of an update. Perhaps you have also thought about turning a space into a home office.

Whether it’s a more functional floor plan, upgraded fixtures and finishes, or simply a new colour scheme, it’s likely lockdown has allowed you plenty of time to dream about your perfect kitchen or office. The good news is, while we’re all stuck at home until at least mid-September, your desire for an update doesn’t need to be put on hold. In fact, in many ways, the current restrictions make right now the perfect time to start planning your renovation.


Planning from a distance

Having spent more time in your home and kitchen, you should have a much better sense of any functionality issues you want to address. You probably also have a stronger grasp on what you’re looking for from your update, your budget and, most importantly, what you need from your new kitchen.

With all of this in mind, doing basic design activities – like measuring the space and coming up with your perfect layout – should be pretty easy. Planning the details while at home can be a little tougher, though, as you can’t feel the finishes or see how the surfaces look in different lights. To overcome this, you may want to consider consulting an expert.

An experienced designer will not only help you bring your DIY kitchen and home office to life; they will make sure all of the functional elements are thought through. A good designer will also be conscious of your budget and work with you to get the most for your money.

While you may not be able to meet with a designer in person, the best kitchen companies offer virtual consultation services – usually for free. This means you can benefit from the expertise and creativity of a professional designer, all from the safety of your own home. The designer should also be able to develop a 3D of your updated kitchen (and even your home office) to give you a real sense of what the final product will look like.

Best of all, when you work with an in-house designer, they will be able to help you order everything you need. This means that once restrictions have been eased, your renovation can hit the ground running.


Get in before the Christmas rush

The end of the year is a peak time for kitchen renovations, as many homeowners scramble to get their renovations complete before the holiday period. And given that this Christmas may be the first opportunity many families get to see each other in quite a while, this year promises to be particularly busy.

Acknowledging this, beginning your planning now will help you beat the rush. Most manufacturers of residential building supplies are allowed to continue working throughout lockdown, so if you finalise your design and get your order in asap, once restrictions are lifted and get to work.


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