Why Choose a Specialist Kitchen Supplier?

Why Choose a Specialist Kitchen Supplier?

These days, renovators are spoilt for choice when it comes to budget-friendly kitchen suppliers. With big box retailers like IKEA and Bunnings now stocking flatpack cabinetry and a range of appliances, it has never been easier to plan and purchase a new kitchen. 

This begs the question, if you can now fit out your new kitchen and furnish the rest of your house from the same place, why should you make the extra effort to work with a specialist supplier like Kitchen Shack?


Quality and cost

 The biggest difference between a ‘superstore’ (like Bunnings or IKEA) and a kitchen specialist is what you get for your money.

While homewares and DIY businesses try to lure customers in with low- cost offers, these usually come at the expense of quality. From using inferior materials to less stringent manufacturing controls – and requiring the customer to put their products together themselves – there are a range of tactics used to keep production costs down.

 However, when you work with a company like Kitchen Shack, you can rest assured knowing that you have not compromised on quality. Because of this we can offer a 10 year guarantee which is longer than most other suppliers. We only use the best materials in the manufacturing of all of our products and focus on maximising our efficiency to keep our prices low. This means that, not only are our kitchens great value, they’re built to last. 


Australian owned and locally made

 Unlike most large general retailers, Kitchen Shack is Australian- owned. As such, we understand what Australian homeowners expect from their kitchen and appreciate the specific requirements of our unique way of life. We’re also across the latest local design trends and can help our customers create a space that will be the envy of all of their neighbours.

All of our products are made here in Melbourne and everything we stock meets Australian standards and is designed to survive our harsh climate. As we manufacture locally, we’re also less affected by border closures and transport issues, which is particularly important at the moment as some larger stores struggle to get in stock.


Free design services

 While designing your dream space is one of the most fun parts of planning a kitchen upgrade, it can also be one of the most difficult. However, working with a professional Kitchen Designer can take a lot of stress out of the process. From planning the layout to selecting fixtures and finishes, a design expert can help you get the look you want and make sure you get the most for your budget.

At Kitchen Shack, we understand the difference that working with a kitchen expert can make. That’s why we offer all of our customers a free design consultation service. Not only will your designer help you plan every part of your new kitchen, but they will also work with you throughout the process.


Ease of installation

 If you’ve ever tried to put together a piece of flatpack furniture, you know how much of a challenge it can be. The instructions are almost indecipherable, there’s either extra bits or important pieces missing, and the final product is never as sturdy as it should be.

 When you buy your kitchen from Kitchen Shack, there’s no assembly required (besides the extra large pantry that needs to be assembled on site). All of our cabinets come pre-made, and installing them is just a matter of fixing them in place. This means you save on the labour costs of assembling them

Should you want to use one of the Kitchen Shack Recommended Installers they will install quicker and easier costing you less.


Want more information?

 If you’re planning a kitchen update, give Kitchen Shack a call. We can design and supply with a wide range of products and styles and are sure to have something that suits your taste and budget. Book your free online consultation with one of our experienced designers today!