Why Buy a Flatpack Kitchen?

Why Buy a Flatpack Kitchen?

A flatpack kitchen can be perfect for any type of DIY’er, homeowner, retiree and investment property owners. Flatpack kitchens come in a range of styles, quality and value for money. So if you are considering a flatpack kitchen what are the benefits and why should you purchase one? Here we have listed the benefits of why a Kitchen Shack Kitchen is the solution for you.

Definition of a flatpack kitchen?

A flatpack kitchen is a DIY alternative that you assemble yourself. As the dictionary states “a piece of furniture or equipment that is sold in pieces packed in a box transported and assembled by the buyer”. This means all components of your kitchen including cabinets, doors, panels and accessories will be delivered to you in parts for you to assemble to make up the kitchen.

Although some companies will explain that it is easy to assemble a kitchen being like a “jigsaw puzzle”. This is a very complicated jigsaw puzzle and often leaves the customer feeling frustrated and ringing the company to enquire exactly how to fit all the components together – it is never simple. A kitchen is a complicated furniture item and requires a large scale technical knowhow.

Benefits of a flatpack kitchen?

Although, easily transported or ease of pick up your time needs to be factored into the cost. You can save on trades by doing it yourself but consider you will need many hand tools and equipment that if you do not own you will need to purchase. Instructions are provided but as we all know they are often complicated and the research shows the average customer dislikes reading instructions. This of course also adds to the time to read before assembling and then installing.

How to Avoid Flat Pack Assembly?

Kitchen Shack has the perfect solution for your DIY Kitchen – Fully assembled kitchens. Yes, that’s right no screwing together of each and every component. Your kitchen is delivered to you fully assembled. This means you will just need to follow the plan and install the kitchen saving you enormous time or saving $$$s if paying a tradesperson to install. You can read more benefits of why you should choose a fully assembled kitchen here.

What about the Quality?

When researching the quality of flatpack kitchens they can vary in quality. Although they can save you money some companies can produce cheaper alternatives for the lower-cost market so make sure you don’t compromise on quality – you want your kitchen to last the test of time.

You may be wondering what to look for when it comes to quality. Always check the cabinets are solidly built and drawers runners can withstand the heavy items like pots and piles of plates. If a company has produced quality products there would be a lifetime guarantee on items like drawer runners and hinges as well as a 10-year guarantee on kitchen components.

Kitchen Shack kitchens not only come fully assembled to save you time and money but are also backed by a 10 Year Guarantee and a lifetime warranty on hinges and drawer runners.

We hope we have provided you with an outline of your choice in the flatpack kitchen market. Have a look at the rest of our website and then book your design to start planning with one of our experienced designers the easier way.