White Kitchen Renovation Heidelberg Heights

White Kitchen Renovation Heidelberg Heights

What’s a kitchen without a pantry?

We all love them; we can’t help but admire those perfectly organised shelves with matching jars and colour co-ordinated labels. But when your kitchen is lacking adequate storage and God forbid a decent pantry, it’s a big deal.

How valuable is functionality in a compact space?

For our Heidelberg Heights client, a new pantry was at the top of her list, followed closely by laundry storage.

Having purchased her unit 20 years earlier, she knew that after living in it there were a few issues to sort out. Functionality is so important, and we don’t often realise that until we are without it.

The laundry in the Heidelberg unit was compact and lacked tall storage to house items such as a vacuum, brooms and ironing board.

The kitchen was a classic u-shaped with a small bench and awkward storage – and of course no pantry! It was time to address the problems.

How a ‘first time’ renovator tackles the challenge.

Having never embarked on a kitchen renovation before, the prospect seemed rather daunting. It was time to do the footwork and gather quotes from Kinsman, Ikea and then Kitchen Shack. She chose those companies believing they would be the best fit for her budget, and she was familiar with their product.

Having worked many years in the field of event management, she knew she had the skills needed for the project management of her renovation. However, she did find the task of measuring her space accurately quite difficult! Not to be deterred and knowing she would save she accepted the challenge and turned to the super helpful “how to measure” information and video online. Needless to say, she nailed that task too!

Often the things that scare us the most are the ones we should embrace. Initially she felt a bit overwhelmed, but after speaking to each company and gaining more knowledge about the process, the path ahead became clearer.

She could see that the Ikea flatpack kitchen was not a challenge she needed, with subcontractors and instruction manuals to juggle. After careful consideration she chose Kitchen Shack for her new dream kitchen and laundry.

She felt the process with Kitchen Shack would be easier, being assembled by a recommended installer, completing the project on time which would mean less stressful renovation and most importantly on budget.

Our client was also impressed with the design and quality of the product, knowing she was adding value to her investment.

Turning those kitchen designs into reality.

When finalising her plans with the Kitchen Shack designer, our client decided to extend the wall in her kitchen. This allowed for more storage and fitting in the all-important corner pantry which otherwise would be dead space. The extension of the old island bench was also designed to increase benchtop space and create the perfect entertainer’s kitchen.

From design to delivery and recommended installer Matt to plumber, electrician, plasterer – the process was always communicated and flowed seamlessly, the end result is stunning.

She loves the warmth of the Shaker white satin cabinetry, which reflects the morning sun and makes the small kitchen feel spacious and welcoming.

Keeping the kitchen all-white, she chose a simple tile with texture for the splash back, to create some depth. The cabinets are topped with YDL Stone in Bianco Divino, completing the timeless look.

The over-all style is sophisticated and light, achieved with:

✏️ White Shaker Satin cabinetry

✏️️ White textured tile splash back

✏️ Strip lighting under overhead cabinets

✏️ Classic style handles in brushed nickel.

Best of all the clever pantry means all essentials can be seen in one glance, without rifling through various cupboards to find the last jar of olives!

Trusting the process.

It was a relief to have an experienced installer like Matt, who patiently explained how it would all work. He co-ordinated the plumber and the electrician to assist with the disconnect, and once the bench tops were fitted, the reconnect of the kitchen and laundry. Even the co-ordination of the stonemason was easy, the whole process moved like clockwork. Who knew project management could be such a breeze?

Renovating the laundry at the same time was a smart move. It saved our client the added expense of returning trades, not to mention the added mess and stress! The same tiles were used to replace the splash back in both kitchen and laundry, and the job was expertly completed by one of the recommended tilers.

A tall storage cupboard was added to the laundry space, along with an overhead cabinet to store powders and detergents.

With the new stone bench, and smart tapware, the laundry has been transformed into a space that doesn’t need to be kept behind a closed door.

Functionality wins the day!

Our client is super happy  with her new kitchen and laundry renovation, especially the quality and attention to detail. She now has a space that flows with ease, storage for all the household essentials, and functionality to make the heart sing.

Get your kitchen into the flow with a Kitchen Shack renovation. Start by booking a Free in-Store Design & Quote below.

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Location: Heidelberg Heights, Victoria

Reason for Renovating: No kitchen pantry and lacking in storage and functionality.

Before DIY Kitchen Renovation: Antique white kitchen that was aged and needed a modern tocuh.

After DIY Kitchen Renovation: Modern shaker white kitchen cabinetry including clever corner design pantry. Loads of drawers and larger island bench for meal prep and entertaining.

Cabinets Kitchen: Shaker white satin cabinetry.