The Ultimate Guide to Flat Pack Kitchens

When looking to renovate your kitchen, it is often cheaper to purchase flat pack kitchen cabinets, or at least fully assembled cabinets (like ours), rather than using a custom bespoke cabinet maker.

You will find the price to be more affordable and therefore be able to save more money when undertaking your kitchen renovation. And just because they are cheaper, it does not mean sacrificing on quality.

These days most flatpack kitchen companies use high quality materials and you can even get high end extras like soft close drawers for a fraction of the price of bespoke designs.  They are a great option if you want to go the DIY Kitchens route and are happy to work with our recommended installers and trades yourself but still want expert advice from a kitchen designer.

Why Get a Flat Pack Kitchen?

Not every situation calls for a large, custom-built, expensive gourmet kitchen. After all, you would not want to over-capitalise a property by spending too much on a kitchen. That holds for most holiday homes, investment properties, small inexpensive apartments or units, granny flats and offices.

Sometimes, all you need is a kitchen fit-out with a budget of $6,000- $10,000. But you’d still want a good looking, highly-functional, quality kitchen that meets all your needs. That’s when a flat pack kitchen is ideal.

So, what is the difference between a flat pack kitchen and a purpose build? It lies in the design and installation support. With a flat pack kitchen, if you know what you want, are willing to be the project manager overseeing the design process, measurements and scheduling of different trades – the outcome could be very similar to a specific fit-out.

Often the perception of flat pack kitchens is limited styles, sizes, finishes and colours, and then hours spent measuring and installing. This doesn’t have to be the case.

  • Flat pack kitchens offer a wide range of designs, styles and colours with accessories to match.
  • Cabinets, drawers, shelves, benchtops – they can be customized to the size you want.
  • Almost all the features of a high-end kitchen can be added on – wine chillers, double wall ovens or steamers.
  • You don’t have to settle for a cheap look. There is a wide range of quality finishes available – from scratch resistant, to matt finishes.
  • Once the order is placed, a check measure ensures that everything will fit perfectly.
  • Some kitchens, like our flat packs, are delivered fully assembled so everything is ready to be installed.

Here are some reasons why you should get a flat pack kitchen.

1. Many styles to choose from:

Flat pack kitchens are not one style suits all. They come in a variety of kitchen styles ranging from traditional to modern. And there is a design to suit every context. Some styles, particularly Shaker and Hamptons, have a design aesthetic that is reminiscent of a laid-back lifestyle and old-world charm. Perfect for holiday homes, beach shacks, country cottages, mountain cabins and tiny homes. Take a look at this one below. Yes, that is a flat pack kitchen.



This style is also great if you are looking at a budget kitchen renovation in an older style house like Art Deco or Californian Bungalow. If it’s a Federation home or a Victorian terrace, here is another traditional style to consider.



Flat Pack kitchens offer many options in modern and contemporary styles too. Here’s one that is high-gloss, with the layered colours offering visual relief, and marble-tile splashback adding a touch of luxury.

2. There’s no limit to adding on any components

Most people think a flat pack kitchen does not give you enough choice in adding the mod-cons. In reality, it allows for almost as much plug-n-play as a purpose built kitchen. So, add what you wish for – large wine rack, a wall oven tower, a pull-out pantry or a display cabinet. Here is one of our kitchens with the add-ons.

3. There’s design help, check measure and installation support:

Once the design has been chosen, the real work now begins. DIY, flat pack kitchen suppliers offer a lot of support at every stage of the project. For instance, we provide a guide, measuring tips, checklist and documentation of all the different types of cabinets on offer. All you have to do is measure the space and do a basic drawing of your layout. Bring this into the showroom and our design experts will give you a free consultation. The designer’s trained eye can often improve a kitchen’s layout or avoid an expensive mistake. Once the order is placed, a check measure is done at the site to ensure that everything fits in nicely.

4. Our Flat pack kitchens come fully assembled:

The big disadvantage of flat pack kitchens is that they must be assembled. Assembling tricky drawers, installing benchtops and fitting in an oven is not for the faint-hearted. So, we’ve taken away the pain of installation by delivering all our flat pack kitchens fully assembled. That means that if the space has already been prepped, the components are ready to be fitted in.

We’ve been in the industry for over 50 years, so we’ve got a lot of experience building kitchens. We’d be only too happy to answer your questions, so call or fill out our form online. Alternatively, visit one of our 4 showrooms to see for yourself the quality of the kitchens we build.

Are flat pack kitchens worth it?

Considering a kitchen renovation but can’t afford a custom, bespoke design? A flat pack kitchen maybe just what you’re looking for.

With the prices of housing in Melbourne increasing over the last few years, it’s no wonder families and couples alike are purchasing unrenovated properties or turning to renovate their existing property. Quite often a kitchen is the room in the home that needs updating.

According to’s renovation calculator, a medium sized kitchen will set you back somewhere between $22,539 – $24,911. It’s no surprise that renovators are planning to do the work themselves and seek cost effective diy options. Let’s look at 5 reasons a flat pack kitchen is worth considering for your kitchen renovation.

1. Price

As mentioned above a bespoke kitchen renovation can run into three times the price of a flat pack. Look at a kitchen style like Kitchen Shack Inspire which will cost as little as $4,500 for a L Shape Kitchen!  That’s $1000’s savings and then you have more budget for a high cost stone benchtop or expensive marble look splashback or two ovens for the family entertainer. With flat pack kitchens you will be required to do some legwork and book recommended installers who work with trades and organise your renovation. This organisation or ‘project management’ as some call it can save your valuable budget.

2. Customised to your space

There is a misconception in the marketplace that a budget kitchen will never fit into your kitchen space due to the stock sizing. With the multitude of flat pack kitchen retailers offering flat pack kitchens there are shapes and sizes to customise to your kitchen space. You can choose from many different cabinetry sizes, colours, finishes, benchtops, handles etc. all to be designed to fit your kitchen space. Kitchen Shack for example offers basic to luxury cabinets as well as handless and soft closing options to fully design to your exact requirements.

3. Quality

Another misconception is that a “cheap kitchen” is low quality. This is simply not true. Flat pack kitchens are often made in the same manufacturing plant as bespoke kitchens. The savings for a flat pack kitchen is the additional diy work involved. You will find when you look around at flat pack kitchen companies the quality is of a very high standard with high end components such as hinges, runners etc. Just make sure you choose a company that has a 10 year guarantee to ensure they back their quality for the long term.

4. Installation

Installing a kitchen is part of the diy process but can be very challenging. It’s fine if you are an installer or high end carpenter it definitely is possible but remember it does take days to assemble kitchen cabinetry. You will also need a qualified plumber, electrician who can handle these regulated areas so hopefully you know some good reputable trades. Of course you can save on installation by diy, however with fully assembled kitchens the cost for an installer is way cheaper and worth the investment to get it right. Not only that you will have your kitchen up and running quicker for the family, worth considering.

5. Time

Flat Pack kitchens most likely are delivered to your door as just that – flat packs and you need to assemble each and every item. This is enormous amount of time spent just to assemble your kitchen space, let alone install the kitchen. This time means more disruption to the family home prolonging the stresses. Kitchens Shack offers the customer a unique system by delivering your kitchen fully assembled to save you valuable time and headaches. We know flat pack kitchens are worth it, that’s why we offer this to all customers.

So based on the information above, do you think flat pack kitchens are worth it?

Why not visit one of our kitchen showrooms to view our quality flat pack kitchens or if you need some more information on how it works download our design and cabinet guide and then book a free in-store design and quote for your kitchen.

Buyers Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Flat Pack Kitchen

Flat pack kitchens have come a long way since they first hit the home renovation scene. Over time they have gone from being associated with inferior quality and poor durability to being constructed from the finest materials and reflect the latest trends in the industry, and that’s what we offer at Kitchen Shack.

As with all things in life, not everything is created equal. This certainly rings true when it comes to flat pack kitchens. Whether browsing online or strolling through a showroom, here’s what you should be looking for:

Long lasting cabinets and drawers

Your kitchen is the workhorse of the home. If you want it to last, it’s wise to invest in quality materials for your cabinets and drawers.

Whenever possible, choose flat pack kitchens that use high-quality moisture resistant particle board and features (this includes the framing).

Quality hinges, drawer runners and hardware

Some hardware can be easily replaced and updated as the years pass. But there are some features that you should focus on, such as the hinges and drawer runners.

If you can, choose quality drawer runners and avoid integrated rail drawer guides. Check the hinges to make sure that they allow you to smoothly and seamlessly open up the cabinets. Kitchen Shack offers Hettich who has a lifetime warranty on all of our hinges so you can be sure that your cabinetry will function properly throughout the lifespan of your flat pack kitchen.

The right size kitchen for your renovation

There are some flat pack kitchens on the market which come in standard sizes. This means that not every flat pack kitchen will properly fit in your kitchen space.

Fortunately, the Kitchen Shack cabinets can be designed to fit into any kitchen space and they come fully assembled.  Once you provide us with the measurements of your existing space, we can present you with the best kitchen renovation options available and are within your budget. This article explains how to accurately measure your kitchen if go down the DIY path.

Custom features

Who wants a boring, run-of-the-mill kitchen? Make your flat pack kitchen your own by looking for those with customisable features.

A lot of flat pack kitchens on the market are fairly limited in what can and cannot be customised. Here at Kitchen Shack, we offer a range of cabinets and a range of popular colours all fully assembled.

A guarantee on the product

It’s incredibly important that the flat pack kitchen you choose is backed by a solid guarantee.

We stand by our products and offer a 10-year guarantee on our flat pack kitchens. If there is ever an issue with any of our cabinetry, give us a call and we will help.

We invite you to book your kitchen design appointment with Kitchen Shack today. Our conveniently located showrooms are in Preston, Kilsyth, Moorabbin and Maribyrnong. Save time and start building your dream kitchen sooner by booking a kitchen design appointment with us either online or by giving us a call!

Flat Pack Kitchens Versus Fully-Assembled Flat Pack Kitchens

An update to your kitchen is a wise investment for both the value of your home and for your lifestyle. But what holds most Melbourne homeowners back from renovating their kitchen is the expense.

You don’t need custom cabinetry to create a beautiful new space. There are now both flat pack and fully-assembled flat pack kitchens on the market, each of which comes with its unique set of pros and cons.

But what may be a “pro” to one homeowner could very well be a “con” to the next. In this post, we’re going to dive in and explore what you can expect when you invest in either type of kitchen.

The pros and cons of a flat pack kitchen

Flat pack kitchens have come a long way over the past decade. Once associated with inferior quality and poor durability, today there are several long-lasting options on the market.

This type of kitchen is a popular choice because it is a less expensive kitchen option. There are some other benefits to a flat pack kitchen, including:

  • Availability in a range of sizes
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Loads of styles and features from which to choose

Because the flat pack kitchens literally come “flat-packed”, they are required to be assembled before installation.

The leading reason why homeowners shy away from the flat pack kitchen is that assembling them can be more trouble than they are worth. Handy DIY-ers may have an easy time putting a flat pack kitchen together (although one needs to cost in the time factor), but most inexperienced individuals, or those without any help, can find installing a flat pack kitchen to be frustrating and overwhelming.

The pros and cons of a fully-assembled flat pack kitchen

The leading type of kitchen for Melbournians is the fully-assembled flat pack kitchen. Unlike flat pack kitchens, the cabinetry are manufactured and already assembled for you, so all that’s left is install them. There are huge savings on the installation cost compared to flat pack cabinets that take time to screw together.  The difference is half the cost for fully-assembled as well as taking less time in installation so you are up and running quicker.

Much like flat pack kitchens, fully-assembled kitchens come in a variety of sizes, styles and layouts. They offer that beautiful custom look and can be designed to fit any kitchen space, without the huge price tag!

Many fully-assembled cabinets are the same price as a flat pack kitchen cabinet (and substantially less expensive than custom cabinetry), but of course huge savings on installation costs.

What type of kitchen is right for you?

Those who have experience installing cabinetry or who appreciate a challenge will likely enjoy the standard flat pack kitchen experience, but be prepared for taking extra time.

Those who don’t have the time, experience, or know-how to build their own kitchen from the ground up will have a much easier time and save a lot of headaches with a fully-assembled flat pack kitchen. This is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to renovate their kitchen on a budget while still retaining its quality. In fact, most of our customers leave it to experienced Recommended Kitchen Installers for a quicker, no problems installation.

Here at Kitchen Shack, we pride ourselves on providing top quality easy-to-install fully-assembled flat pack kitchens in Melbourne. Our affordable kitchens are made right here in Melbourne, and they are the perfect way to save on a brand new kitchen.

Contact us today to book your free in-store design appointment and be sure to ask us about our Lowest Prices Guarantee!

Five Flat Pack Kitchen Myths Uncovered

Flat pack kitchens are somewhat new to the industry, so there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding them. This dynamic home renovation option has changed a lot over the years, and we at Kitchen Shack want to set the record straight about what you should – and shouldn’t – expect from your flat pack kitchen.

Myth 1: A flat pack kitchen means poor quality

Gone are the days when flat pack kitchens were constructed from flimsy and easily damaged particleboard and MDF.

The best flat pack kitchens on the market today are constructed from high-quality moisture resistant double-sided melamine faced particle board and are matched with quality drawer runner systems, hinges, and hardware.

When properly installed and maintained, it’s not uncommon for flat pack kitchens to be just as gorgeous and remain in top shape for as long as a custom kitchen. What makes a flat pack kitchen a more attractive option, however, is the significantly lower price tag that comes with it.

Myth 2: A flat pack kitchen can’t be customised

This isn’t a complete myth since some companies produce flat pack kitchens that come in one standard size.

But here is where Kitchen Shack differs from those other companies: all our width of cabinets can suit any kitchen space perfectly so that you can get that custom-made look for a fraction of the price.

We also offer special orders on request. With our kitchens, you’ll receive a stunning finished product that is a reflection of your unique personal tastes and style.  All backed by a 10-year guarantee so we know our kitchens will last the test of time.

Myth 3: You don’t need a Kitchen Designer

If you want to be happy with your end result a Kitchen Designer is imperative.  A Kitchen Designer will save you time, resources, and loads of stress. They can help you make the most of your space with clever storage solutions and they know what works in a functional kitchen space.

Redesigning your kitchen involves making a series of significant and well-informed decisions. Hiring a Designer means having a professional set of eyes to double check your design choices and having someone there to offer expert tips and insights on how to get the most out of your kitchen.

Myth 4: Only experienced carpenters can install a flat pack kitchen

Homeowners have the option to hire someone to install their flat pack kitchen for them. But part of the drawcard to this type of kitchen is the fact that homeowners with basic carpentry knowledge can also build and install the kitchen themselves (which also means substantial savings).

However, most of our customers choose to use our experienced installers to fit out the kitchen to save time and headaches.

Myth 5: Thinking a renovation will fall into place once you start?

Far too often we have had clients kick off their kitchen renovation without properly preparing and planning for it.

Resist the urge to believe that everything will magically fall into place once you start your kitchen renovation (this goes for both flat pack and custom kitchens!). Take the guesswork and ensure accuracy by downloading our Design Guide to understand how to measure your space then bring in your requirements to one of our designers here at Kitchen Shack (we can also arrange a check measure upon request).

We welcome you to book a free in-store kitchen design with one of our Kitchen Designers here at Kitchen Shack! Call us, book an appointment online, or stop by any one of our showroom locations in Maribyrnong, Moorabbin, Preston, and Kilsyth to speak to one of our expert designers today.

Three Embarrassing Flatpack Blunders to Avoid

A flatpack kitchen designed to your space is a great choice when renovating your kitchen for so many reasons. It let’s you plan what you want, and get the elements and features that you want, without breaking the budget. And with Kitchen Shack, your fully assembled flatpack kitchen arrives at your door, ready to be installed.

But there are also some common pitfalls and hurdles that you’ll want to avoid – after all, renovating is satisfying, but it’s never fun to have to do it twice or spend more than you’ve budgeted.

Here’s our quick list of tips and tricks of things to watch out for when you’re putting together your DIY kitchen.

Setting Your Kitchen Up To Become Outdated

Unless you are looking for a traditional or period-type kitchen renovation, most people want a modern kitchen. But we caution you about being too avant-garde in your plans and choices. Your kitchen can be one of the most costly rooms of your home to renovate, so when selecting major finishes like the cabinetry, benchtops, and tiles, it’s always best to take a conservative approach. You can let your creative flair shine with accessories, tiles, small appliances, wall paint, and bar stools. In doing so, you can change these elements as your tastes change, and if and when you decide to sell, your kitchen will appeal to a broader group of buyers.

Layout Deficiencies

A lot of kitchens in design magazines and online are professionally photographed in studios or warehouses, not homes. That means that they are optimised for their looks, not their practicality. In reality, the main workbench might be across from the sink diagonally, or a cupboard might get in the way of the fridge door when opened. Ensure your kitchen layout is going to make the most sense for when it’s actually being used, not just what looks great in a wide-angle photo.

Layout and design mistakes can often include no deep drawers for pots, insufficient drawers for utensils, and not enough power points where you need them for the like of kettles, toasters, coffee makers, juicers, electric knives, microwaves, and USB device charging.

A space for garbage is often forgotten, and if you don’t provide for this in your design, your bin might end up being exposed and unsightly, or too far away from where it’s needed most. An incorrectly placed garbage bin can add create a messy food prep area and cumbersome cleanups.

Measuring Tape Fails

This is a short one, but one that causes an unbelievable amount of headaches. A simple wrong measurement can mean that entire days are lost, and expensive corrections have to be made. In the worst cases, it means that fridges or dishwashers don’t fit anymore. As the old saying goes, “measure twice, cut once”. We might even suggest measuring three times to be sure – it doesn’t take long and doesn’t cost anything to be overcautious in this instance.

A DIY kitchen project gives your entire home a huge lift, and Kitchen Shack has been helping renovators and DIY kitchen designers for years. You can download our DIY Guide here or get in contact with one of our showrooms in Preston, Maribyrnong, Moorabbin and Kilsyth.   Give us a call today to have a chat to our friendly, experienced team about how our products can make your kitchen renovation simpler and less taxing on your budget.