Tips To Save Yourself Thousands In A Kitchen Renovation

Tips To Save Yourself Thousands In A Kitchen Renovation

Tips To Save Yourself Thousands In A Kitchen Renovation

Ask any real estate agent, and they’ll tell you that the kitchen is the most important space in the home. We eat our meals there, entertain our friends, spend cherished time with family, and always find a good excuse to be in there for whatever reason. So when it comes time to renovate such a valuable space, you could be looking at quite a bit of money.

A standard kitchen renovation can cost up to $40,000 depending on the materials used and how much labour was required. According to the experts, though, you can save up to 40% off the total renovation cost if you stick to some simple budgeting tips. We’re here to show you the easy ways to get a considerable reduction in the price of your dream kitchen.

Strip the Kitchen Back

This is one of the biggest jobs and one that can cost thousands in labour hire costs if you don’t do it yourself. Make a point of stripping back the old kitchen yourself including tiles, vinyl, cupboards, benchtops, and old appliances. This will save a lot of money and get the kitchen ready for what’s to come.

Be Careful With Plumbing and Electrical Work

Too many people make the mistake of trying to move their plumbing and electrical work to fit their new kitchen, without realising how much it might cost. Take a look at where the plumbing fixtures and electricity points are now and try to find a kitchen design that works with them as closely as possible so you can save yourself the expensive cost of moving them.

Take on the Hard Work

If there’s anything to do that you’re capable of doing, you should be happy to get your hands dirty. This includes the phoning of labourers or construction companies, installing your own kitchen from a ready to install design, and stripping away the old parts of your kitchen and preparing the space for installation.

Tips To Save Yourself Thousands In A Kitchen Renovation

Consider Budget Friendly Finishes

It’s best to be realistic with your budget before you begin, and a slight difference in finishes could have a significant impact on the savings. Although you might be tempted to create a kitchen completely out of stone and glass, there are plenty of other budget-friendly finishes like tiles and laminate that would look as nice, and be a lot easier on the pocket.

Ready Made Kitchens

Rather than going through the entire process yourself from design to installation, you can cut a lot of costs and time by working with a company like Kitchen Shack. Our expert team will work with you one-on-one through the design process and then supply you with fully assembled and ready to install kitchens that will save you thousands of dollars.

Kitchen Shack is proud to give homeowners Lowest Prices Guaranteed*, an alternative to the other standard flat pack kitchens out there and offers quality materials and craftsmanship in everything they create. By taking over the installation process for yourself, you’ll get the kitchen of your dreams on a budget, so give the team a call to see how we can help.