Thomastown Kitchen Renovation

Thomastown Kitchen Renovation

Shout out to all those hard working owner builders.  We know how hard it is to get a great project completed on time and on budget.  You may feel like you’re living on The Block without all the celebratory status and camera action. We know the buck stops with you and so do all the challenges.

Our Thomastown Kitchen Renovation customers decided to owner build their renovation to save money.  We are so impressed with the seamless results of this new kitchen and laundry renovation that we couldn’t wait to share the details.

Choosing the right company for a new kitchen renovation

Taking on a ‘new build’ project especially a kitchen renovation seemed daunting so they set out to compare the market.  When they discovered Kitchen Shack, the kitchen and laundry process looked to be an easier solution. With Kitchen Shack they found an experienced designer who provided a free in-store design consultation. They also like the idea of the assembled components rather than flat-pack alternatives. Our customers knew that the the kitchen was a key part of their new home renovation.  They knew they needed to get it right the first time. 

The main problem they had was starting from scratch with no footprint to follow. This also helped to create exactly what they wanted like the walk in pantry.

Style of kitchen to suit their new build

Along with the design the style needed to suit their overall style of their home which was a modern design.  Choosing the Shaker style provided the consistency throughout and suited their future lifestyle. Spending time searching and reading previous customer kitchen renovations certainly assisted with their decision.

We often find that customer decisions will depend on whether they are renovating an existing older home, or building a new one.  With our Thomastown couple they could create their own as they were building from scratch.  Experienced Designers are also super helpful in assisting in this decision making process.

With this new style in mind the kitchen was designed to be central to the living and dining space. By choosing a two-tone design with Shaker cabinetry in white, and Tornado grey creates the modern look. This is further enhanced by the island bench creating a unique feature adding depth and interest to the space.

The stone island bench in YDL Rosemee, stainless steel appliances, convenient drawers and an impressive walk-in pantry complete the new modern kitchen design. The result is slick and classic, a style that will still be on point in 10 years time.

You may be wondering how to start the design process?

Our Thomastown clients started the process by Downloading our Design Guide after seeing the beautiful completed kitchen projects and reading about customer experience. They then moved onto booking a free instore design appointment at our Preston showroom. They worked with our experienced designer, Mary, to finalise all the specifications on their list which included:

👉 open plan with plenty of storage
👉 choosing products that were modern yet classic in style
👉 designing within their budget
👉 delivery within their time schedule.

The couple were so impressed with the ease of the design process and appreciated having all their concerns and needs met. Customers even commented that “Mary was incredibly patient and listened carefully to get a true understanding of what we needed.”

How do you keep the budget on track during a DIY home renovation?

As our Thomastown customers were owner builders, their budget was a key driver to the final result. With Kitchen Shack Lowest Prices Guaranteed* it was an easy decision to invest in an assembled kitchen and laundry for their DIY home renovation. Best of all it saved them money and time, which is a big bonus during your own building project.

They also saved money by using laminate benchtops in the pantry and laundry, rather than stone.

Our Thomastown couple were more than happy to roll up their sleeves and get involved wherever possible. They knew doing much of the hard work themselves cut costs in trade labour.

Top 3 favourite aspects of this new kitchen and laundry.

✏ The walk in pantry.

Hiding the mess to have a clear seamless kitchen that always looks tidy and ready for action.  There’s now plenty of shelves for the customer’s teapot collection and favourite glassware. Not to mention the endless storage for all the pantry essentials and bench space for hiding toasters and appliances, leaving bench space in the main kitchen free of clutter.

✏ The drawer stacks for easy storage.

No more scrambling around in deep cupboards trying to drag out pots and pans. It’s a game changer when you can see everything in one drawer.

✏ General layout of kitchen.

Having a large island bench for entertaining, working and meal prep is amazing. Even though the sink is in the middle they feel a part of the action as it is an integral part of the dining and living spaces.  It’s the ideal work set up for entertaining the family.

Our Thomastown owner builders are thrilled with the results of their Kitchen Shack laundry and kitchen renovation. It is certainly one of the stand out features in the new modern home.
They highly recommend Kitchen Shack to their friends and family explaining that the entire process is a lot less stressful with the personalised service. They were super impressed with the level of quality and the final design.  There’s a lot to be said, for feeling confident that your kitchen will be delivered exactly as you planned and on budget!

If you’re planning a DIY home renovation, check out the Kitchen Shack Styles and see what you like to achieve a great kitchen or laundry solution.


Location: Thomastown, Victoria

Kitchen Design: Kitchen Shack Preston

Reason for Renovating: New home requiring a Kitchen and Laundry to suit a modern design.

Before DIY Kitchen Renovation: Older style home that was demolished to replace with modern style.

After DIY Kitchen Renovation: Modern kitchen with function and flow including walk in pantry to hide the mess – perfect for entertaining. The laundry seamlessly flows to outside clothesline.

Cabinets Kitchen: Shaker cabinetry in white satin and tornado colour in island.

Benchtops Laundry & Walk in pantry: Laminate in Loftec colour.