Tailoring a flat pack kitchen to get a luxe look

Tailoring a flat pack kitchen to get a luxe look

Many renovators are attracted to a flat pack kitchen with the knowledge that it can save $1000’s.  This trend is increasingly popular with diy renovators and a flat pack kitchen has now evolved into high-quality kitchen offering to produce an outstanding luxe result.

There is no need to sacrifice trend or quality to tailor to your needs.  Here’s some tips to help you tailor your flat pack kitchen to get that look.


There are many cabinet door offerings on the market.  It is important to choose ones that are fitted with soft-close options as this produces a better result.  Good quality hinges like Hettich are a must so drawers and doors slide and open seamlessly.  There are many finishes to choose such as laminate, gloss, matte, the list is endless.  For a luxe on trend look try Storm Inspire Plus Kitchen matched with Ultra gloss – beautiful and classy!

Quality is key here and the best way is to see for yourself.  A simple visit to a showroom where you will be able to touch and view the quality in person is time well spent.  This time will be invaluable for your final kitchen look.  Another tip on cabinets is to choose a style that will suit your home now as well as the future.  Remember it is a key investment so while it is fun creating a designer trend kitchen you might be sick of the colour or style in a few years.  Create some flair but keep in style with your home.  One of the most popular kitchen styles at present is the Shaker or commonly called the Hampton look.  This style is ageless and will create that perfect luxe look in any home.  It is easily matched with other cabinets, handles and benchtops.

Remember with the cabinets to buy from a kitchen company that provides fully assembled and one-one one service such as Kitchen Shack.  Keep in mind you will have many cabinets to fit into your kitchen space and the last thing you need to be doing is assembling every component before your kitchen is even ready to be installed.  It is a time waster and sometimes mistakes will happen screwing together cabinets causing headaches.  To save time and frustration choose fully assembled flat pack kitchens.


You only need to type in “benchtops” when searching google and you will immediately see a plethora of benchtop companies.  Just by looking at these companies it is not clear which ones are reputable let alone judging the costs involved.  Our tip for benchtops is to buy through a qualified flat pack kitchen specialist who will know the quality of laminate, timber and stone while providing affordable options.  It is amazing the new products on the market including laminate timber looking benchtops such as Durpoal Pale Lancelot Oak a popular one matched with Shaker cabinetry.  Best of all it is a cheaper option should you need to reduce the spend while still wanting to produce a sensational looking kitchen.


Handles or handle-less options although functional add that personalised style to the flat pack kitchen.  From black to chrome to stainless steel, slimline or chunky knobs the choice is endless.  Our tip is to match to the cabinet style you have chosen.  For example consider the classy black shell handle which matches perfectly with the Shaker style kitchen to create that real luxe feel.  Alternatively, handle-less kitchens provide the streamline look that is so popular today.  Some customers choose to match their handles with their appliances or sinks such as stainless steel – this can also work very nicely.  It is a good idea to tie in the handles with all elements within the kitchen.

The tile or splashback area is a great way finish the luxe feel of your flat pack kitchen.  From classic subway tiles to the latest “brick” trend, both can produce a superior look without breaking your budget.  Whilst a glass mirror splashback can produce a larger feel in a smaller space a printed splashback can really add an amazing luxe look.

Kitchen Shack is dedicated to provide renovators with the best alternative to standard flat pack kitchen companies.  We offer fully assembled, quality materials, Lowest Prices Guaranteed* and one-on-one service throughout your reno.   So let us help you create the best luxe kitchen, book an appointment or give us a call.