Should I continue my diy reno during these times?

Should I continue my diy reno during these times?

This is a common question in many customer’s minds during this time. DIY’ers are busier than ever with the country staying at home and the home projects clearly needing attention. On the flip side future renovations and those mid-project are concerned about continuing. In this economy, it would be wise to use your time now planning for your DIY kitchen reno.

Kitchen Shack and their experienced design team are ready to help with all aspects of kitchen and laundry design and supply of cabinetry. From initial discussions on kitchen planning, to open plan kitchen designs and every aspect of a functioning kitchen space to get it right. Planning is one of the most important components of a kitchen reno. The decision on whether to continue with kitchen planning will depend on the stage of your reno.

In the middle of a renovation?

We understand for many customers they are in the middle of their reno. Whether it is the family home, a rental property, or small development the show must go on. Now that we are all staying at home and cooking more it has never been more important to finish the project for a functional kitchen.

In these cases, your renovation needs to continue ensuring the installer or builder is practicing physical distancing. Working with a Melbourne based manufacturing company will be beneficial here. But remember, organisation is key, so planning items like your appliances, taps, and tiles in advance will ensure minimal delays.

If your income has been cut back look at ways to save if you are in the middle of the renovation. Shop around to receive the best possible Lowest Prices for your kitchen cabinetry and your fixtures. Consider discounted appliances like ex-display showroom appliances that have never been used but substantially discounted.

When it comes to your flooring or tiling there are many cheaper alternatives and you may need to reduce your expectations of something that looks good but slightly less quality than what you had first envisaged.

Not yet started your kitchen reno?

For those that were just about to commence then there has never been a better time to start planning, seeking advice, and get the Lowest Priced kitchen without compromising quality.
The kitchen planning phase is the most important stage and shouldn’t be rushed which is why there is time now to research and speak to professionals to get it right.

We recommend you first ask the question “what problem am I trying to solve in my kitchen space”? For example, if you need an open plan kitchen design due to the increasing family need, then finding images of open plan kitchens will help in your search phase. Then identify the style that best suits your needs or home. Do you like white or black cabinetry, handle or handleless cabinetry, etc? All these decisions will guide the Kitchen Designer to design the best functional space for your needs.

At this stage, you may have identified that you need to extend slightly or rework some load-bearing walls which gives you time to discuss your needs with a qualified builder to formulate your budget. In these times budget will be major consideration so you may want to consider simply working around your current space to avoid any additional costs.

Consider what you can DIY yourself to save $’s!

With the extra time at home those jobs you were “going to get around to” will become even more frustrating staring at you each day. With extra time on your hands’ DIY jobs can save you money. A simple youtube can explain how to tile your kitchen wall or how to replace flooring and for the more complex jobs professionals should always be used such as electrical and plumbing.

Think carefully about installation! Although you can save money doing jobs yourself an experienced installer will complete the job quicker with fewer delays which is a key consideration when everyone is currently living and working from home. The less disruption time the better.

If you do embark on a DIY reno during this time, make sure you consider the long term goals. Doing a kitchen reno that is just right now may not suit your needs of a growing family in 5 years’ time. Once again planning is key and talking with experienced kitchen designers. This will save you wasting money down the track.

Time is on your side

Remember you have time now to carefully plan, research, and speak with professionals either face to face or by remote. Kitchen Shack is open for design by appointment and manufacturing based in Melbourne is still operating so you can continue with your reno. There are many situations where customers need to move through their renovations and with remote access via our 3D design program, kitchen design can continue at this stage.

So get in contact with a showroom closest to you or book an appointment online.