Renovating to Sell vs Renovating to Live In

Renovating to Sell vs Renovating to Live In

All kitchen renovation projects fall into one of two categories. You are either making updates to make your property more saleable and hopefully increase its value. Or you are updating the space to make it more functional and suitable for your lifestyle and personal taste.

Here we explore the difference between these two approaches. As part of this, we will share our tips on getting the most from your renovation plans.

The ins and outs of renovating a kitchen for sale

When renovating to sell, you want to create a kitchen that will appeal to as many buyers as possible. This means that it’s important to understand what buyers in your area are looking for and expect.

As the aim of these renovations is to maximise the profits from the upcoming sale, careful budget management is critical. A new kitchen will only add so much value, and spending too much will only eat into your returns. As such, you should focus on key features and find ways to keep costs down without impacting the overall design.

With this in mind, when renovating to sell, we recommend you:

  • Start by doing your research: Looking at other properties for sale in your area should give you a sense of the style and layout buyers expect. It should also show you how much value a new kitchen could add and help you set your budget.
  • Match your kitchen to your home: Buyers will generally be put off by kitchens that do not fit with the rest of the property. As such, you should make sure your new kitchen design suits the style and size of your home.
  • Keep the palette neutral: Bright colours can be polarising, so it’s usually better to stick with whites and other neutral shades. This colour palette will also look cleaner and brighter, making the space seem bigger and more open.
  • Focus on functionality: Most buyers will pay as much attention to the practical elements of your design as the styling choices. As such, it’s important to get decisions like the layout, appliance sizes and locations, and cupboard heights right.

The ins and outs of renovating a kitchen to live in

When renovating to live in, you want to create a kitchen that suits your unique requirements. This means that it’s important to think about your lifestyle and how you want to use the space.

As the aim of these renovations is to create a kitchen you’ll use for years to come, budgets are more flexible. For example, you may wish to spend a little more to get the finishes or features you really want. Conversely, you may be able to cut costs on features you don’t really care about.

With this in mind, when renovating to live in, we recommend you:

  • Start by defining your priorities: Asking yourself what the top five things you want your renovation to achieve should help shape your design. It should also help you decide where to focus your spending if your budget is limited.
  • Consider ways to tailor your design: Injecting some personality into your design will make the space more enjoyable to be in and use. So don’t be afraid to get creative with your cabinetry, tiling, splashback and even layout choices.
  • Invest in appliances: If you do have a little room in your budget, choosing higher-quality appliances is usually worthwhile. These will generally last longer, be easier to use and require less ongoing maintenance.
  • Think about how and your family you use your kitchen: Maybe you need more storage, more bench space, or accessories to improve functionality such as a special unit to improve access to corners.
  • Visualise how your kitchen will look: Some kitchen companies, like Kitchen Shack, use 3D design software that helps you see what the final space will look like before you order.

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