Pros & Cons: Ducted Rangehoods vs Recirculating Rangehoods

Pros & Cons: Ducted Rangehoods vs Recirculating Rangehoods

How do you choose a rangehood?

Choosing a new kitchen involves a lot of choices and your rangehood is a key factor when planning a new kitchen.  While there are a lot of rangehoods available today, the two types which stand out from the pack are ducted rangehoods and recirculating rangehoods.

Here we explain the difference between the two including the pros and cons of each one.

Ducted Rangehood:


  • Efficient in removing smoke and moisture through extractor fans which transport airborne particles from your kitchen to the outdoors.
  • Better air quality as it is removed from the kitchen to outdoors.
  • Reduced noise (many users claim that ducted rangehoods are quieter than their recirculating ones).


  • Ducted rangehoods are limited to where it can be placed. It will need to be installed in a spot where there is a duct system which can run from inside of the kitchen to the outside of your home, it may not be the right fit for every kitchen.

Recirculating Rangehood:


  • Can be installed anywhere, no outdoor access is required (the air is sucked in, filtered out and blown back out into your kitchen)
  • Easier installation compared to ducted rangehoods.


  • Tends to be louder due to increased fan power.
  • May increase humidity in the kitchen.
  • Potential higher cost with filters needing to be replaced or cleaned.

Choosing the right Rangehood to suit your needs

Consider the kitchen layout, preference and cooking style. It’s a personal call based on what suits you best in your kitchen.

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