Questions to ask when buying a new kitchen

Questions to ask when buying a new kitchen

Looking for a new kitchen and don’t know where to start?  So you hit the google machine and type in “diy kitchens melbourne” and so many kitchen companies and cabinet makers pop up which do you choose to visit?  Research and planning are important keys to the kitchen design process and as our Directors have been in the kitchen business for over 50 years we have a wealth of knowledge we thought we would impart.  Listed below are 5 questions we think are important so your kitchen will look and function well for many years to come.

1. Have your cupboard and drawers been tested for moisture resistance?

Kitchens are a messy zone therefore it is imperative that all kitchen cabinets are made from high quality moisture resistant material and have been tested to ensure they will not absorb moisture and swell making the material buckle and therefore not allowing cupboards to close properly in the long term. This can leave your kitchen looking like an eyesore and one you will regret in time to come.  This also applies to benchtops – ensure they have a drip edge so all messy spills will drip off and not adhere to the material.  10 year guarantee is a must all companies who are proud of their quality should provide a guarantee to last the test of time.

2. What is the most popular Kitchen?

Although this question is asked by a large percentage of customers it is nice to hear the answer but not necessarily the type of kitchen that will suit your home and lifestyle.  Everyone wants the latest style or what friends have but you need to keep in mind the style of your home i.e is it modern or traditional, is your current kitchen too dark and you need a lighter style, the aesetics of your home and the needs of the family is key here.

3. Does the company offer design services free of charge?

The key aspect of your kitchen process is the design. This takes time to get right and remember you will have this kitchen for many years to come so spend the time to get it right. Some companies will charge you for a design but a reputable kitchen company should always assist the customer to achieve their goals for the best design. Even if you don’t end up buying through the first company that helps you design a kitchen they should always be helpful – that’s why there in business. Make sure the company has an experienced kitchen designer or you may end up with a design that does not work for your home and lifestyle.

4. Can I save money on my kitchen renvoation?

Make no mistake kitchen renovations are not cheap and that’s why it is imporant if you can save money.  Ask what areas you can reduce the costs – it maybe pulling out and removing your own kitchen – getting a few mates around on a weekend and hiring a skip and having a bbq after can save you hundreds. You might also be a handyman and can do tiling yourself or install the flooring all these costs add up. When it comes to installing the kitchen 90% of our customers feel happier leaving it to the experts who are professional and can complete quicker ensuring levels are correct. Once again if you have knowledge in installation this is certainly an area that can save considerable dollars!

5. Do you have reviews from customers?

This might seem like an old wives tale but it is important. All customers have busy lives as you do but it is common knowledge that customers that take the time to recommend or write a review have experienced superior customer service and are therefore more likely to recommend to their family and friends ensuring the company is more reputable in the marketplace. It is through reading these customer reviews online that you gain insight into quality of products and service.

This is just the beginning of your search so if you would like to know more pop in and see us click here…