Quality Flat Pack Kitchens

Quality Flat Pack Kitchens

Most Kitchen Showrooms look great, but let’s be honest they don’t get used – they are designed to look great!  The showroom doesn’t show the original flat pack kitchen or how it was installed.  How can you be sure that one kitchen will stand up to the busy family opening and closing cupboards, not to mention the not so gentle kids use?

There is no doubt there are spills and mess in the kitchen.  We all know this is the heart of the home where everyone gathers so there is bound to be a mess.  It is an area that is used all the time so it is important that your kitchen is designed using quality workmanship that is built to last and can withstand the spills and family life.  Here’s a few tips on what to consider.


Quality should never compromise cost. Good quality components are paramount to ensure longevity.  When you shop around and visit showrooms you will see a lot of very good looking kitchens but remember to think how they will stand up to your family life and still look fantastic in 5 years time.

One of the key importance is cabinets.  There is nothing worse than drawers that drop over time leaving unsightly gaps in between.  That’s why our Kitchen Shack Manufacturing will only build cabinets using double-sided board for strength as well as a re-enforced backing.  All made from plantation sourced timber products for lowest emission standards and built for Australian kitchens – something we are proud of in Melbourne.

In addition, cabinetry should be securely fastened with heavy duty cabinet screws, not flimsy ones that will pop out in 6 months.  Look also at the hinges to ensure there is a lifetime warranty this can make or break a kitchen.

When comparing flat pack kitchens remember to check if cabinets come with pre-drilled holes for hinges this is a must not only to save time but also headaches in positioning.

Quality is paramount to ensure your kitchen will still look fantastic in years to come.

Kitchen design for functionality and space

A good quality one on one kitchen design for your DIY kitchen is another key.  Consider the following:

  • Design: kitchen working triangle will make all the difference in your end result and indeed your happiness level so remember the simple sink, cooktop to refrigerator rule.
  • Finish: gloss, matte, white?  Remember to consider the cleaning whilst gloss white won’t show fingerprints, matte black will glaringly display finger marks.  All kitchens need to be cleaned but some more than others so consider carefully.
  • Benchtops: consider stone benchtops such as Duropal are ideal for spills with their rolled edge to stop drips from forming on cabinets a key in such a messy space.
  • Handles: the all-important touch that can make finish a kitchen nicely. Black slim handles are becoming popular and work nicely with a shaker style kitchen
  • Storage: is always key and customers can never get enough especially if you have a busy family with lots of stuff that we all collect along the way.
  • Colours: finally consider colours including the walls and surrounding rooms. Darker colours such as benchtops will show mess more than lighter natural tones.
  • Kitchen Options: to save money there are always

Cost of your Kitchen

Consider and compare kitchen companies.  There are always options to save money such as flat pack kitchens or DIY kitchens.  These options provide more do-it-yourself research and shopping around but in the end, can save you $1000’s.  This is a good option to investigate if money is tight or you just don’t want to pay exorbitant prices like a lot of kitchen companies charge.

Flat pack kitchens are great value for money and still provide a mix of quality, finish and value for money to suit any homeowners, families, rental properties.

Why buy a Flat Pack Kitchen?

Flat pack kitchens are usually supplied in a box and then put together by yourself or a paid installer.  Try fully-assembled flat pack kitchens such as Kitchen Shack for a quicker, less stress kitchen renovation.  Let’s be honest the less disruption to the family home and mealtimes the better.

A flat pack style kitchen is just as easy to plan using a kitchen designer who will work with you to configure your kitchen space to your family’s needs, don’t forget the quality and design points above. 

A great Kitchen means a happy lifestyle

No matter what the choice remember the final completed kitchen – kids sitting at the breakfast bar completing their homework and yourself making dinner for the family whilst still being able to help them out.  A well-designed space for the whole family to happily enjoy together.  This will only happen if you choose a good quality kitchen and designed to suit your family and last a lifetime.