How it Works

The Kitchen Shack System to save you $1,000s!

We are here to save you money so we have created a simple Kitchen Shack system that’s easy for everyone.  Kitchen Shack manufactures and supplies fully assembled quality kitchens at the best DIY prices for the Melbourne renovation kitchen market.  The Kitchen Shack system allows kitchen buyers to diy as much or as little in the kitchen design and installation to maximise the cost savings.

This system has been developed with fully assembled kitchens so it will suit a wide range of people including home renovators, home builders, holiday home owners, investment property owners, young families, older couples – in fact we think that about includes everyone in Melbourne!

All our standard kitchen cabinets can be designed to suit any style and space in the home so you can be ensured they will fit your kitchen space perfectly.

Kitchen costs vary depending on your size however an average Kitchen Shack kitchen may cost around $4,000 while a larger kitchen will cost $10,000 – we find the majority of our kitchens cost around the $5,000 mark.  Wow, you may think these prices are good but wondering about the quality – Kitchen Shack does not cut corners on quality.  Our manufacturing and buying powers ensure the production costs are kept to a minimum and because of our high turnover with selling we have a strong buying power with our suppliers.

Customers can save on design by measuring their space, installation, tiling, plastering, or painting.  We will even provide you with a complete installation DVD to explain exactly how to install.  Alternatively, Kitchen Shack can provide you with recommended trades to help you in the process.

Our free in-store design service on a 3D computer package ensures you know exactly how your new kitchen will look in your home.  Our system is aimed to save money but where possible to help you achieve the best kitchen in Melbourne!


The Kitchen Shack system is far superior to any other DIY Kitchen products on:

  1. PRICE – guaranteed lowest prices*
  2. QUALITY – all materials stringently tested to last our 10 year guarantee.
  3. FULLY ASSEMBLED – all components are delivered to you fully assembled – no allen keys required!
  4. AVAILABILITY – manufacturing based in Melbourne for quicker, easier solution should a part need replacing it can happen immediately without causing delays in finishing your kitchen 

All Kitchen Shack components can be used in kitchens and laundries.  We have a lot of customers who do their kitchen and laundry at the same time, saving extra costs down the track.  Remember, a good quality kitchen can add $1,000s to the value of your home so dream big and come in with your measurements to let the Kitchen Shack Team design your new kitchen – you will love our prices!  If you’re not sure on how to measure your kitchen space Download our Design Guide and Cabinet Range so you can get started today.

*If you find a cheaper price for the same product and service we will beat it by 5%.