Plan your kitchen

Simple Steps to plan your diy kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Shack measure

Planning your diy kitchen reno is one the of the keys.  Spending time in the planning phase will mean you will get it right and then you will be forever happy in your new kitchen.  We have put together a few steps below for guidance.  For more detailed info download our ‘Kitchen Design Guide’ which is a great source for planning your kitchen reno.

1. Inspiration and Ideas

All renovations start with ideas.  Gather ideas on styles, layouts and any aspect that appeals to your style.  Check out our kitchen gallery to view some of our client’s renos and styles.

2. Measure The Size of your Kitchen

If you haven’t already then now is the time!  Measure the size of your kitchen or laundry space then our Kitchen Designer can bring your space to life in our 3D design software.

As mentioned Download our Design Guide which details “how to measure” and draw up a sketch of your ideal kitchen. It’s simple to measure your room but remember to measure the windows, architraves, appliance spaces such as fridge, doorways and every other kitchen element.  Measurements are critical for a kitchen design so take your time and if in doubt measure twice to make sure.  There’s no stress if you’re unsure, at Kitchen Shack we help you through every step and we can always arrange for a final check measure after your free design in the Showroom.

3. Analyse your Kitchen Space

Look at who uses the kitchen and how you all work together including:

  • Do kids do homework at the breakfast bar while you cook?
  • Does your kitchen double as a laundry?
  • Do you enjoy cooking? Careful consideration on appliances is needed.
  • How many people use the kitchen at the same time?  A different layout is required for two or more chefs cooking at the same time.
  • Do you entertain often? Then larger bench spaces would be important.
  • Can you use existing power point, gas and water locations to save money?

Don’t forget bring in your images and photographs of kitchens you like as well as your existing kitchen space, this will assist the Designer to understand your home to bring your ideas to life.

Kitchen Shack couple

4. Design

The kitchen working triangle is a guide for kitchen renovations.  Put simply this means a triangle should be drawn between the 3 key work areas – the kitchen sink, fridge and stove.  This provides ease of reach and ease of cooking. Think about maximising your storage space – you can never have enough.  You can choose to draw up your kitchen if you are keen however, most  prefer to leave this stage to the Kitchen Designer.  You can easily book an appointment online for a free design and pricing on the spot or call us direct at your nearest showroom to make an appointment.

Finally, don’t forget the all important budget.  The decision on how much you can afford to spend on the kitchen including trades and appliances.  We can help you with your complete kitchen renovation to save you money and time!

Allow at least 90 minutes to work with our Kitchen Designer in the showroom designing your kitchen in 3D and once your kitchen design is complete we provide same day pricing.  You will be surprised at our Lowest Prices Guaranteed* – we will beat any price for the same product and service by 5%.  That’s our promise to you!

5. Easy – take Delivery, install and enjoy!

Once you are agreed on the design and sign the paperwork with a deposit your kitchen order will be placed with our manufacturing before delivered direct to your door.  Kitchen Shack kitchens come fully assembled a clear point of difference to save you time and money. You can choose to DIY the installation but this is not an easy task unless you are experienced in this area.  You may find it easier and faster to use one of the Recommended Kitchen Shack Installers who will also co-ordinate all trades, saving even more time and headaches.  96% of Kitchen Shack customers prefer this option but it’s up to you.

We look forward to designing your kitchen, laundry, living room or any cabinetry within your home!