Open Plan vs Zoned Kitchens

Open Plan vs Zoned Kitchens

The modern day kitchen has become more than just a place to cook in.  It is part of the living room, island benches turn into work stations and the flow into a gathering space for family is more important than ever.  It is more important than ever to get the most out of our kitchen space.

So when deciding to renovate the heart of the home, planning is key in the design to decide which structure will work best for you and your family’s needs.  This is just one element to consider but an important one to get right in the early planning stages.

Open and closed style kitchens are still both popular.  Some prefer to keep the mess confined to one space so when you are sitting down for a meal you are not glancing at the pile of pots and pans used for cooking the meal.  Whilst others clean as they go and leave the kitchen relatively clean of mess or just don’t notice with the hidden dishes in the deep sink.  Consider the following when planning your kitchen renovation.

Open Plan Kitchens

There’s no doubt the open plan kitchen, especially leading to an open plan living area brings everyone together.  In this type of kitchen the chef doesn’t feel left out, cooking up a three course meal for your family and friends and chatting as you cook.

If you have a home full of kids then the open plan works well.  You can be cooking dinner while the kids draw or do homework at the island bench.  It can be a little noisy but remember to choose quiet appliances to keep it to a minimum and finding quiet time for yourself can become a little more tricky to negotiate!

Zoned Kitchens

With zoned or structures spaces there are many benefits.  Not only will there be the peace and quiet while you concentrate to cook the meal but food smells won’t drift to other parts of the home.  With zoned places each room is designed for a specific purpose.  Your office becomes just that and once you leave you can click off and relax.  It’s easier to find a quiet place to sit and find some all important “me time”.  The zoned areas create a quieter home.

So whatever you decide there are merits in both open plan and zoned kitchens but don’t forget to incorporate you and your family’s lifestyle and work with a professional kitchen designer to create the space that works best in your home.