Open Plan Kitchen Layout Tips

Open Plan Kitchen Layout Tips

Open Plan Kitchen layouts are those that open onto another area of the home. It is common for these types of kitchens to open onto a dining or living area of the home. Where once open plan kitchens were the exception, they have now become the popular DIY choice for modern kitchens.

The design of the open plan kitchen is key to create a functional kitchen space yet one that flows smoothly into the adjacent space. Here are some tips to consider when planning your DIY open plan kitchen.

Consider the impact on the open plan

The first step when considering a DIY open plan kitchen layout is to consider where your existing kitchen is located and how it functions with the rest of the zone of the open plan. Once the Kitchen is part of the open-plan it will impact on other areas. Noisy pots and pans, for example, will impact on someone watching the TV on the neighbouring sofa. On the flip side, it will be easy for you to watch your favourite cooking show or chat with your loved ones while prepping in the kitchen.

There are pros and cons for both open and closed kitchens.

Flow within the open plan

A key consideration is the flow through the kitchen and into the open zone. You need to be able to prepare meals in the kitchen without bumping into family members or guests. Think about the distance between zones to minimise traffic flow and ease of a functional kitchen flow.

Look and Feel

Because open plan kitchens become a key part of the home it is important to consider what they will look like from other areas within the home. For example, stand in your living area and consider what type of style and cabinetry you want to look at. Consider materials, textures, and lighting that will create the décor of your home. The material used will affect the look and feel of the space so careful planning is required. You may wish to highlight items on shelves so timber laminate may provide a fresh feel combined with white cabinetry.

Choose the best open plan layout
Whether it be Galley or U-Shape or L-Shaped kitchens these can all become open-plan layouts. Consider which shape is best that can be working into your existing space to save on your budget.

Often an open plan kitchen has a kitchen island that defines the kitchen space. This may require moving a wall or some key feature to open up the space. Careful design and working around the existing space is key to your DIY budget. Consider this additional cost and determine if you can work around your existing space without the additional spend.

Open-plan kitchens require some extra planning, but if you consider some simple tips and plan well you will be happy with your end result.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and even more so with your DIY open plan kitchen, so it deserves careful planning. Our professional Kitchen Designers can help you achieve the design for your open plan kitchen so book a free design or give us a call today.