All About the Work Triangle and Kitchen Zones

While it is important to keep the principles of the work triangle in mind, you must adapt it to suit the way you live, cook and the appliances you use.

A couple of our recent DIY Kitchen Renos

DIY Kitchen Reno Balaclava This renovated Victorian home in Balaclava was a sight for sore eyes prior to the complete diy kitchen makeover. A new owner recently purchased this Victorian

How to Choose the Right Tradies for a DIY Kitchen Renovation

Having ordered a DIY kitchen, you’ve already saved thousands of dollars. Our last post covered how to prepare for a kitchen renovation, the next step is to organise the removal

Laundry Reveal

For all the diy’ers out there we’re sure The Block is being watched with great interest to gather ideas. The recent Laundry Reveal on The Block displayed some elegant and

How to Prepare for a DIY Kitchen Installation

DIY kitchen preparation Now that your fully assembled, DIY kitchen has been ordered, it’s time to organise a few things before delivery. For a new build, it’s relatively easy. Trades

10 ways to maximise your small kitchen

Small kitchens can be a design challenge especially when everyone wants lots of storage and the latest styles. Here are a few tips to consider so you can capitalise on

Kitchen Shack is a Finalist in CDMA’s 2017 Best Kitchen up to $15,000

We are proud to announce that Kitchen Shack was a finalist in the recent Cabinet Makers and Designers Association Awards, 2017. The award was presented at the Annual Awards night

How to save money on a budget kitchen renovation

Everyone wants to save money on a budget kitchen renovation. It’s not only important to look for good quality, budget kitchens but also get the design right. We know a

Why Get a Flat Pack Kitchen?

Not every situation calls for a large, custom built, expensive gourmet kitchen. After all, you would not want to over-capitalise a property by spending too much on a kitchen. That

DIY Kitchen Renovations on a Budget

The kitchen is the heart of the home and an affordable kitchen renovation can add huge value to your home. Not only adding value to your home, but also value