Melbourne’s Affordable Kitchen Design team discusses the “kitchen triangle”

Melbourne’s Affordable Kitchen Design team discusses the “kitchen triangle”

The “kitchen work triangle” allows for the highest degree of efficiency in the kitchen. Put simply, it puts the cook in the position where they are operating within a triangle created by the cooking range (cooktop/stove), the preparation area (sink and benchtops), and food storage (fridge), and puts each of these three within easy reach.

This rule is a must for every DIY kitchen design. Putting each of these areas at arm’s length puts you in the best position of being able to access each of these critical areas utilised for cooking, whilst also providing a level of enjoyable ease of movement. You will be thankful of the best design, particularly when cooking large or complex meals, and will also ensure meals are cooked quicker and will arrive at hungry mouths sooner.

But this particular configuration has to be adapted and adjusted to differing designs depending on the kitchen space being renovated, this is the tricky part. Whether your kitchen is an L-shape, U-shape or even galley a solution can be found to use the “working triangle” and is best designed by a professional kitchen designer who understands the complexities of these areas.

Some kitchen spaces can be created quite easily, such as the U-shape or galley kitchen; others, on the other hand, require some conscientious decision-making and careful design, especially in regards to the appliance placement, to keep all three elements in a functional spot. It is also important to remember that while space might be limited, the presence of two or more chefs – one per station – is often a reality, which means that ample separation between the two stations must be built into the design.

There are so many elements of any kitchen design that are incorporated into your kitchen, and the team at Kitchen Shack have it covered always considering the working triangle in their designs. To learn more about how it can revolutionise your cooking experience and provide the best cooking space, contact the friendly team at Kitchen Shack today or book a free in-store design and quote online.