Melbourne DIY Kitchens: A fusion of influences

Melbourne DIY Kitchens: A fusion of influences

Few cities in the world deserve the multicultural moniker quite like Melbourne. In it’s century and a half, the city has attracted settlers from every point on the globe, breeding a rich and vibrant social fabric. This has been reflected in its cuisine, in its housing, and in its interior design.

Each group has brought something slightly different. The colonial kitchen, the oldest style still prevalent among modern designers, brought the high windows and bare brick we see in many suburban homes and urban restoratives. Old habits die hard, and this classic is still a point of comfort for many homeowners who recognise this familiarity from their own childhoods.

Meanwhile, the western European set brought with them the influence of the smaller confines of inner city living. The flat surfaces and the foldaway storage spaces here lend an air of efficiency and smoothness, in particular, to areas where space is at a premium. These influences have been reflected in much of the modern preference in appliances, hiding them among the countertops, and saving space.

Finally, the ornate elegance of the Mediterranean kitchen has a firm holding in this city as well. The dark wood and inlaid cutting boards, along with the heavy usage of marble surfacing, has become a common sight in Melbourne.

Finally, Australian know-how, and a willingness to get involved in renovations, has led to a preference for DIY kitchens in Melbourne. This home-grown impulse to get involved has meant that these kitchen styles must accommodate a shipping-and-receiving model that allows for DIY-ers to get their labour involved.

Put these elements together, and you reach today. As a mix of influences, styles, and cultures, Melbourne has few equals. To figure out where your preference lies, contact Kitchen Shack today!