Make a Style Statement with these Top Splashback Ideas

Make a Style Statement with these Top Splashback Ideas

Few finishes reflect a kitchen’s design better than the splashback. While primarily intended to protect your walls from splashes and splatters, they are also a great opportunity to make a style statement. In fact, splashbacks are right up there with benchtops and cabinetry as the first things people notice in a kitchen.

But choosing a splashback can be tough. While it’s easy to default to the obvious options – like traditional tiles – you may want something a little more stylish. Here we look at some of the most popular splashback ideas and how you can work them into your kitchen design.

Popular kitchen splashback options for your DIY kitchen

There is now a wide range of materials that can be used for kitchen splashbacks. Some of the most common choices include:

  • Subway tiles: Easily one of the most popular options, subway tiles are clean, classic, and very versatile. Best of all, they come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and finishes.
  • Glass: If you want to make the space feel larger and brighter, a mirrored splashback could help. They come in an array of shades – from blue and bronze to silver and grey. They work particularly well with minimalist modern designs. Frosted glass has become an extremely popular choice for splashbacks because it looks beautiful and is super easy to clean. Alternatively, clear glass can allow you to bring the outside in by turning your splashback into a picture window.
  • Stone and marble: Stone, be it natural or engineered, is great for elevating the feel of a space and adding a touch of luxury. This can be matched to your benchtop (i.e. extending your benchtop material up the wall) or contrasted against it. This is an expensive option and therefore not recommended if you are working to a strict budget.

Other considerations when choosing a splashback

When choosing your splashback, there is more to think about than just the material you want. You should also consider:

  • The height: Do you want your splashback to stop at the height of your rangehood or shelving or extend to the ceiling? While the latter can make more of a visual impact, it will also be more expensive. The most important aspect of a splashback is the Victorian Building Regulations with specified clearance according to the product you use.
  • The colour of the grout: If you do choose to use tile, your choice of grout will also be important. Do you pick a colour that matches the tile or a contrasting colour that makes more of a visual statement?
  • The direction of the material: Most materials will have a grain or pattern that can be rotated to add extra visual interest. This can be particularly impactful if you plan to match your splashback to your benchtops.
  • The usability and durability: Above it all, your splashback needs to stand up to the rigours of daily use. As such, you want an option that is heat-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to clean.

Need help picking the perfect splashback?

If you’re stuck on what to do for your new kitchen splashback, contact Kitchen Shack.  We have recommended tilers and splashback suppliers, and our experienced team are across all the latest kitchen design trends. As such, we can help you pick something that’s both practical and beautiful, and suits your budget and style.