Laundry Reveal

Laundry Reveal

For all the DIYers out there we’re sure The Block is being watched with great interest to gather ideas.

The recent Laundry Reveal on The Block displayed some elegant and unique laundry spaces.  Let’s be honest who doesn’t love a well-designed laundry? An area where the pile of laundry is hidden behind closed doors. Extra storage for all those cleaning products and vacuum cleaner the list goes on. It’s always interesting to see what the contestants come up with. In real life, of course, everyone has a budget and we don’t all have the pile of money to spend on a brass sink for example!  All these laundries can easily be created using flat pack laundry Melbourne cabinetry and hardware.
Let’s recap on the Laundries and discuss the functionalities of each design.

Image: The Block 9now

Sticks and Wombat won the Hallway and Laundry Reveal. Their laundry was well designed with great use of storage. There is lots of storage for linen and household items like vases that are not used every day. The open shelves created a difference while also providing everyday cleaning products within easy reach. The separate cupboard for the brooms and mops was also well thought out.

The handle-less cupboards worked well in this space but we didn’t love the concrete top cabinetry. Although they match in well with the flooring they feel a bit out of place in this space.

The clever design of the washing machine and dryer side by side for functionality. It seems like a small sink for that space but ample bench space for folding clothes. Very clever remote control ladder for further storage above.

Josh and Elyse came in second and their unique design did not disappoint.

Image: The Block 9now
The cabinetry of the shaker profile linked to their kitchen and living space ensuring consistent styling throughout the home. Once again shelving above for functionality.  Nice touch of the concrete floor tiling adopted to set off against the white.

The window in the laundry allowed lots of natural light and the external door to outside clothesline is a great feature. The clever use of the bi-fold doors to hide the washer and dryer stacked on top of each other was a great choice although it can add to the cost quite quickly.

Image: The Block 9nowWe found there was a lack of storage in this laundry compared to other contestants. Not much bench space for the clothes either! We loved the timber shelf above created by Josh for all those cleaning bottles.

Jason and Sarah’s laundry space was certainly the wow factor out of all the contestants.
Image: The Block 9now
The extravagance of the smoked mirror splashback and the stunning floor tiles created the uniqueness here.   The brass tap, sink and accessories made the laundry space feel like royalty – certainly extravagant for a laundry space although they were not working to a budget like most of us are!

Image: The Block 9now

The space did feel dark however with the darker cabinetry and floor tiles. We were surprised with all that luxury why the washer and dryer were not hidden behind closed doors!

Next Ronnie and Georgia

Image: The Block 9now
This laundry was tiny in comparison to other contestants. Good use of benchtop space for folding clothes. Much less storage and the use of dark cabinetry makes the laundry space appear dark. This

To lighten up the room the use of white tiles as a backsplash and outside doorway helped. A solid functional space for a laundry.

Finally Clint and Hannah

Image: The Block 9now

Another tiny laundry space here. The long benches provide space for laundry items but lack of cabinets for all those household storage items.

Although the idea of the hanging rail was a great one storage is a better functionality for many in a laundry design.

Image: The Block 9now

These are just a few ideas and approaches for laundry designs but there is a wealth of products and designs to suit any laundry space. Best of all no one needs to spend a fortune like The Block Contestants!

If you’re ready to take the next step on your laundry or kitchen design and don’t want to spend a fortune on your flat pack laundry Melbourne, then arrange a free in-store design appointment or Download our DIY Kitchen Guide for more info.  You too can have a Block laundry!