Kitchen Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Kitchen Trends for 2023 and Beyond

If you’re sitting there trying to plan your dream kitchen, and your Pinterest Board is now overwhelmed with an absurd number of ideas, none of which really fit your budget… well don’t worry you’re not alone.

It’s time to get concise, and throw out what you don’t want, or need, and keep the non-negotiable ideas.

Be mindful of what is a trend, and what is timeless, and most of all what you really like and whether it suits the over-all aesthetic of your home and lifestyle.

We’ve been doing some digging on what is on-trend and looks like hanging around well beyond 2023.

You want to plan your kitchen with a clear vision of how it will look and work, and our team of experienced designers can help guide you every step of the way. So, to help you make some tough decisions we’ve put together a list of what in, and what’s out for the years ahead…

Everyone’s talking about…

🌿Calming Interiors

After the past few years of Covid this is not a surprising trend. We’ve seen a major shift towards regional living and country kitchens as people seek out a more relaxed lifestyle and embrace the working-from-home culture. There is a clear desire to ‘get back to nature’, to reduce stress levels and encourage a more positive mindset.

For those of us staying put, we can still create the same aesthetic by introducing a more organic and natural style.

Earthy tones are a great way to achieve this feel, with colours like sage green, deep blue, beige, and timber laminates being popular choices for cabinets. Concrete and stone bench tops continue to be a crowd pick, with a more refined profile than its’ chunkier predecessor.

🌿Mixed Materials & Texture

The rise and rise of 2-tone kitchens. We’ve already seen this trend emerging with current customers, and we are sure it has longevity.
Some of our recently completed kitchens have embraced this new look, with fresh Spinifex green cabinets, teamed with white benches and timber accents.

Eurocucina forecasts plenty of timber, combined with larger tiles that avoid too much grout. We love the toned-down metals such as pewter, copper, and brushed brass finishes in tap ware and handles, creating an effect that is closer to nature.

A combination of old and new elements within the kitchen gives the space a more lived-in vibe, and we have seen this with lean towards the retro style appliances, rather than larger industrial options.

🌿Bold Patterns

Marble look splash backs and benches are still going strong, along with tiles in a geometric or herringbone pattern.

If you’re keeping your kitchen streamlined and simple, then a gloss finish tile in a strong colour like emerald, green, ocean blue or brown is also being used. Colours are still referencing nature whether they be the soft muted tones, or a richer, more intense version.

If you’re still set on a white kitchen, you can introduce interest and texture with use of patterned tiles, or rich timber grain.

🌿Family-Friendly Designs

As we see a shift to more time spent at home, entertaining, working, creating, and relaxing, our kitchens have adapted to suit this relaxed lifestyle.

The kitchen has become a multipurpose space that has extended further into our living areas, and even beyond to incorporate outdoor entertaining.
It’s like the little kitchen chugging away the background has now taken centre stage and spread its’ beautiful wings.

More than ever the island bench has become a staple in most homes, or an extended bench than can accommodate multiple tasks.

They have become a communal meeting point, as no doubt you’ve noticed… when friends drop in, they all seem to congregate around the bench…and if you have stools, then that’s an open invitation to settle in and stay awhile.

Here we’ve given you some ideas on trends but your kitchen should always reflect you and your family and of course your budget.

Our Designers are experienced in knowing how to help so let’s work together to achieve your dream kitchen.