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Flat Pack vs. Fully Assembled Kitchens

Why should you consider fully assembled kitchens from Kitchen Shack, instead of flat pack kitchens?

Kitchen flat packs are popular in Melbourne, due to their inexpensive nature. However, Kitchen Shack uses its bulk-purchasing methods to provide fully assembled kitchens at a cost comparative to cheap flat pack kitchens and cabinets, while saving you the labour of assembly.

While they are affordable, and easily transported, flatpack kitchens and kitchen cabinets can be laborious and time-consuming to assemble. Many flat pack kitchen suppliers charge up to $150 to assemble a single cabinet. Not so with Kitchen Shack’s line of fully assembled kitchens and cabinets. You get the best price in Melbourne, along with a DVD tutorial on kitchen installation.


Kitchen Shack is here to help 6 days a week!

With our wide range of extensive experience in Kitchen installation and design, the staff at Kitchen Shack can help you with every aspect of your kitchen project.

All we need are measurements of your kitchen and your own vision for your ideal kitchen. We have experienced, professional designers on hand in our showrooms to help you find your ideal Kitchen Shack kitchen. Once your choice is made, you are quoted a price, your kitchen components and cabinetry are delivered and you are free to install your new kitchen at your leisure. Or, we can help you with installation – the choice is yours!

Our Kitchen Shack kitchen styles can be viewed online, offering you the chance to start deciding on your ideal kitchen right now. Or, visit one of Kitchen Shack’s three Melbourne showrooms located at Preston, Kilsyth and Maribyrnong, to see them in the flesh.

So if you are looking for the highest quality DIY Kitchen products available in Melbourne, check out Kitchen Shack. We offer the finest fully-assembled kitchens at flatpack prices.

Come and visit us today at a showroom near you!