Kitchen Renovations When You’re Not Handy

Kitchen Renovations When You’re Not Handy

Kitchen renovation television shows have been a mainstay on Australian screens for well over a decade now. The eager renovators on these shows all troop in season after season and rip up floors, demolish walls and rip out cabinetry with seemingly reckless enthusiasm. Once the debris clears, more often than not, what is left in the kitchen space once renovated is a gleaming, modern, functional space.

But what happens if your own skills don’t match those of these so-called “amateur” renovators that we see on these shows?


The Reasons for DIY


The reasons for attempting a DIY kitchen renovation are fairly compelling, regardless of whether you are an investor or homeowner. By doing it yourself you are in an ideal position to achieve a perfect combination of value, style, and quality.

Without doubt, the main reason people opt for DIY kitchens is the cost savings that can be achieved. Flatpack or DIY kitchens are substantially less expensive than their custom-made cousins, often without compromising on quality. Very likely the same cabinet doors, handles, hinges, and benchtops used in custom kitchens can be ordered for your DIY kitchen, but where you save money is by managing the installation with your installers, and purchase of appliances). 


Taking the Middle Ground


If you like the idea of DIY but don’t have a DIY bone in your body, we have a middle-ground option for you that removes the challenges of self-assembly. Here at Kitchen Shack we will work with you on your kitchen design, build the cabinetry and benchtops, and deliver them to your home ready for you to install.

In this way, you draw on our expertise and contribute your own to complete the project.

In addition, if you are happy with the savings you have made by going with the DIY kitchen option, but find the installation process daunting, you might decide to use one of Kitchen Shack’s recommended installers to come by and fit-out your new kitchen. Because of their experience, this is often the fastest way to get your new kitchen up and running. But of course, with the detailed installation instructions we provide, you can install the kitchen yourself, or enlist the help of a tradie or handyperson you know, or post the job on a site like Airtasker. 

The advantages are clear. For newbie renovators or those who aren’t as confident in their skills, the ready-to-install element of a DIY kitchen means that the learning curve is much easier. 


Some Extra Help


Of course, if you are less confident in a certain area, like demolishing the old fixtures and safely removing previously installed cabinets and shelving, then you can hire someone for that purpose – the nice thing is, that removal and clean up is generally a lot cheaper than a full build.

To see just what a flatpack or DIY kitchen might look like in your home, or to ask any questions you might have about how handy you actually have to be to install one, we invite you to come visit one of our showrooms in Preston, Maribyrnong and Kilsyth and find out what you need to know to make your decision.