Kitchen Renovation Wantirna

Kitchen Renovation Wantirna

What’s the first thing new buyers notice in a home inspection?

It’s the kitchen of course!

No surprises there, our social media feed is swamped with dream kitchen renovation spaces. We swoon over well organised walk-in pantries, crisp white drawers, and textured splash backs.

A great kitchen adds immense value to a family home. It is the heart of the home where everyone tends to gather, to feed the family, laugh with friends and finish overdue homework at breakfast. A spacious bench is on everyone’s wish list, and well-designed cabinetry can hide messy appliances and piles of Tupperware.

This kitchen renovation Wantirna was updated by an older couple who have lived here for many years. They have raised a family, watching them grow up, and now move on with their own life adventures. Realising it would soon be time to downsize, they saw the potential to add value if they updated the kitchen, before putting the house on the market.

They were referred to Kitchen Shack by a good friend, who had previously used Kitchen Shack in numerous building projects, with great success.

With a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve, they began planning the kitchen renovation with a few things to consider, like:

✏️Broad Appeal
✏️Modern Design
✏️Large Benches

The couple worked closely with our designer, Nita, at our Kilsyth showroom. With 25 years of design experience and knowledge, Nita was able to create something special within their budget, and in keeping with the general style of the home.

With so many options to choose from, it helps to have a clear vision of what you like and what your intentions are for the home in the future.
Our Wantirna couple were planning to sell their family home within the next 2 years, therefore it was important to choose a style that would suit a potential buyer.
It’s all very well to insist on a modern design, yet consideration must be given to the over-all style of the home, to ensure the spaces flow and feel like they all belong together.

The Kitchen Shack Shaker style cabinetry was the perfect choice, modern, yet classic and a popular choice in current kitchen designs. The soft green of the Spinifex Satin cabinetry works particularly well in the space, as it visually connects to the surrounding greenery of the landscaped garden, making the kitchen feel more expansive.

To keep the large kitchen within the budget, Nita designed it within the previous layout, therefore cutting down costs on installation, and avoiding plumbing and electrical relocations.
The wall oven was moved to an under-bench space, allowing a much-needed pantry to be installed. Cupboards and shelves were swapped for easy access drawers, with chrome slimline handles, the perfect match for Spinifex cabinetry.

The island bench was extended to create a large surface for food preparation, and entertaining when the whole family was over. Our clients chose a hard-wearing laminate in Motivi Arabescato for the bench tops, another great saving, and to add interest they sourced some beautiful textured tiles for the splash back.

The benefits of working with an experienced kitchen designer are imperative when you are aiming to stick to a budget.
Avoid the unexpected blow-outs that often pop up on DIY projects and know what you are paying for before you begin the project.
At Kitchen Shack, we pride ourselves on working with great designers that can help you achieve what you need. We plan our kitchens down to every hinge and handle, to give you exactly what you planned for.

When designing a kitchen for re-sale there are certain things that need to be considered:

🙌🏼Working within a realistic budget
🙌🏼Choosing a modern design that will appeal to potential buyers
🙌🏼Quality that will last
🙌🏼Practical storage and good workflow
🙌🏼A style that has longevity

The resulting kitchen is a welcoming space, somewhere you’d like to pull up a stool and chat over tea with the afternoon light streaming in through the bay window. Our Wantirna couple are enjoying all the spoils of a well-designed kitchen, and who knows… maybe it’s too good to leave now!
They have certainly created a great space to entertain a large family, with a pantry that grandchildren will climb into in search of hidden biscuits, and a bench to prepare a Christmas feast, and the perfect view over the kitchen sink for the boys to wash the dishes!

Ready to work on your kitchen design? We are excited to work with you!   Contact us today to get a free design and quote for your kitchen renovation.


Location: Wantirna, Victoria

Kitchen Design: Kitchen Shack Kilsth

Reason for Renovating: Kitchen Renovation for sale due to older couple downsizing their home.

Before DIY Kitchen Renovation: Out of date kitchen and wanting a modern look to attract buyers.

After DIY Kitchen Renovation:
Large island bench in laminate to save costs. Now perfect for entertaining family and friends. This is sure to attract a wide audience come to sale day.

Cabinets Kitchen: Shaker cabinetry in Spinifex satin colour