Daylesford Kitchen Renovation

Daylesford Kitchen Renovation

The owners of this stunning property in Daylesford first purchased their country retreat several years ago. Over the last couple of years they have been spending more time at their rural retreat since working from home became the norm. And so begun the planning for their renovations.

The client knew what she wanted but most importantly new major changes were required.

The existing kitchen was a small U Shape that was separate and closed off to neighbouring lounge and dining spaces. The red splashback that was once the rage was now dated and the narrowness of the space only allowed one chef at a time. With a family of five (plus partners) and multiple family members wanting to access the kitchen at the same time, the existing space didn’t work.

Lack of storage was also a clear problem so clever design was required to improve functionality of not only the kitchen but neighbouring spaces.  Improving the look and feel of not only the kitchen but also dining and lounge areas were key drivers.

After consultation with a Melbourne based builder and architect they were able to assess the space and remove the wall (it was not load bearing thankfully), between the three spaces immediately opening up the kitchen floor space. It was at this point the client commenced researching budget friendly Melbourne kitchen companies.

Budget was important being a second property, however quality was key for their builder to install the kitchen. It was when our client consulted with Kitchen Shack Preston it became clear the design recommended would make sticking to her budget much easier.  The consultation displayed the 3D render of the future space and it was here that the client could visualise the new kitchen knowing it would work perfectly.

The larger kitchen design meant increased storage space with a bank of pot drawers of different heights to easily store cutlery, cooking utensils, plates and pots.

The clever design of the “cooking hub” island in the centre of the kitchen has now addressed the functionality and flow of multiple chefs in the space. And lastly, the dilemma of cooking and chatting with family and friends is now not an issue with this open space.

The client is not sure which part is most effective in her new kitchen but certainly the cooking hub island with side spice rack makes life so much easier. This is also true of the corner cabinet which has removed the deadspace of the previous kitchen. The further enhancement of the tall pantry with the pull out drawers ensures all pantry items are now clearly visible.  Most importantly, the function and flow ensures easy movement with several in the kitchen at any time.

To set the right tone in this space Metro Tornado Satin cabinetry was used to create depth and being such a large kitchen this colour has worked well against the backdrop of white shutter windows.  To complement the kitchen Ambassador Sparkling White benchtops were chosen to add a sparkle to the crisp space.

This kitchen renovation was created on a budget yet looks so luxurious. It has added real value to their Daylesford getaway.

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Location: Daylesford, Victoria
Kitchen Design: Kitchen Shack Preston
Reason for Renovating: To create a larger open kitchen to adjoining home spaces

Before DIY Kitchen/Laundry Renovation
The old U Shape Kitchen was small and cramped lacking functionality and flow.  It was difficult to converse with family whilst cooking.

After DIY Kitchen/Laundry Renovation
The updated kitchen is now open and flows beautifully.  The addition of varying height drawers and increased flow and functionality works perfectly.

Cabinets Kitchen: Metro Tornado Satin
Highlight cabinets: Pot drawers, pantry with pull out shelves, spice rack.
Handles: Slim handles
Benchtops Kitchen: Ambassador Sparkling White (customer’s own)