Kitchen Flip Fixer Upper

Kitchen Flip Fixer Upper

DIY’ers are taking advantage turning tired properties into cash!

There’s no doubt “The Fixer Upper”, “Selling Houses Australia” and “The Block” have inspired many hopefuls to take on a diy renovations saving money by doing it themselves. It has become another form of cash flow and is especially prevalent in Melbourne.

Here is one example of a recent 2 bedroom unit flip that has made the customer a great deal of money on selling day. What once was a tired old kitchen space has now transformed into an inviting open “I need this kitchen” appeal.

The Kitchen was revamped by the Kitchen Shack Preston team. Using white cabinetry and benchtops, updated appliances and modern pendant lights the unique modern styling has been created. A further painting of walls in white and polishing of floorboards has opened up the space to now become a spacious, fresh looking unit. Add a touch of modern styling and the unit looks a million bucks. This is a simple diy way to make a small fortune – $650,000 this one sold for.Of course the location is key but so is time and budget.

Fully Assembled to save you time and money

For a successful diy budget kitchen renovation time is of the essence. The kitchen is one of the major time consuming areas to renovate so it pays to work with a team like Kitchen Shack. All kitchens and laundry cabinetry are delivered to you fully-assembled. Yes that’s right no Allen Key hassles and that means time saving. Most other diy or flat pack kitchen companies you need to spend a lot of time to put together components. Alternatively you can pay a flat pack installer but that will eat into your budget with less profit at the end.

The best part is you don’t need to skimp on quality by sticking to your budget. Kitchen Shack has lowest prices guaranteed* so your kitchen and laundry renovation will still look top quality but not cost a fortune on sale day. These decisions on choosing the best products, saving time and money are worth serious forethought and help from an expert such as a Kitchen Designer. Their experience will design the best possible solution to produce the top profit on the day.
The key to a successful diy renovation is researching the market, getting the best value for money without compromising on quality and using reliable trades so you know the job will be done on time. This is especially critical if you have a time frame to list for sale.

Of course DIY projects are not as easy as they look on the TV shows but if you work with an expert in the field and can trust and rely on their work then you can be assured of a good quality renovation to capitalise on your investment.