Kitchen DIY flooring ideas

Kitchen DIY flooring ideas

Kitchen DIY Flooring ideas

It is important to think about your flooring in your kitchen as part of your kitchen design.  The flooring will set off your kitchen to create the look that suits your home.

The options are many these days but thought it would be worthwhile mentioning the pros and cons for these three.

Wood or laminate.  This alternative seems to be growing in popularity whilst creating warmth to any kitchen.  There is the choice of solid real wood, wood veneer, plywood and even environmentally friendly choices.  Remember whichever you choose ensure it can resist humidity and water resistant so boards do not swell and cause future expensive costs.  These are easy to lay and can be handled by any experienced diyer.

Another popular choice is tiling and provides that classic more traditional look that’s also hard wearing.  Tiles should always be sealed due to the moisture in the kitchen space.  There are many types on the market but would be advisable to choose a non slip tile to reduce any falls.  This alternative is a classic and will always last the test of time however they can be colder than alternatives, hard on the foot and can cause breakages of glasses and dishes if dropped.  The average diyer can find tiling more difficult than alternatives due to the cutting, grouting and sealing.

Vinyl can look great these days and is certainly a cheaper alternative to the abovementioned.  Vinyl is much easier to keep clean can be waterproof and stain resistant which is great for any kitchen space.  This type of flooring is also soft on the foot and won’t cause breakage for dropped items.  Remember to choose a good quality product and level correctly when laying so water does not pool causing future damage.  Ensure a good quality product is purchased as consumer studies have found some cheaper alternatives emit toxins.

Whatever choice you make it is necessary to spend time comparing products on the market and researching ease of installation or costs of professional laying as this will all add to the cost of your kitchen project.

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