The Best Kitchen Colours and Designs When Selling Your Home

The Best Kitchen Colours and Designs When Selling Your Home

Updating your kitchen when selling your home requires a completely different approach than if you were to design a kitchen to suit your unique tastes. While your dream kitchen may involve deep dark jewel tones and sparkling accents, if you anticipate putting your home on the market sometime in the next five years, it’s not the right approach to take.

Taste and preference is a personal thing. Despite this obvious statement, there are some steps you can take to create a universally appealing kitchen space, starting with:

A neutral colour palette

From the walls to cabinetry to your benchtops, neutral tones are the safest route to take. A white kitchen will always be a beloved classic, particularly as the bright walls and cabinetry bring light to the space, make the room appear larger, and give the room that squeaky clean appeal.

Not a fan of white but still want that modern kitchen? Grey is on trend right now, creams, taupes, and beiges will always be top contenders.

When planning your colour scheme, keep the following in mind:

  • Your kitchen should feel as expansive as possible. For this reason, lighter colours are usually better.
  • If your kitchen opens to a great room or another open space, strongly consider the colour scheme of that room to tie in with the kitchen.
  • Softer colour tones are great for offsetting darker furniture and cabinetry.
  • Inject bold colours through accents and decor

Be careful with your benchtops

Granite and quartz benchtops are gorgeous, and they can help you sell your home. But does the price of the benchtop justify the possible resale value?

Both of these benchtop materials are expensive and, may not give homeowners enough of a return on their investment. A great alternative to installing an expensive benchtop is to choose laminate instead.

In the not-so-distant past, laminate benchtops weren’t the most durable or of particularly good quality. But today they are long-lasting and come in a wide range of attractive colours and patterns, for a fraction of the cost!

Invest in your cabinetry

Your kitchen cabinets will be the standout to sell that room. Instead of repainting old doors and replacing components, you can afford to replace your entire cabinet scheme – and possibly change the layout of the room – by installing brand new kitchen cabinets.

Replacing kitchen cabinetry doesn’t have to set you back thousands of dollars. With a Kitchen Shack kitchen, you can easily install your own gorgeous kitchen cabinetry with a limited number of tools and experience.

Kitchen Shack kitchens are perfect for DIY homeowners who are looking for an affordable way to update the appearance of their kitchen. Our flat pack kitchens can be tailored to suit the style and architecture of any home, and are a great option for homeowners and property investors alike.

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