Kitchen Accessories to Turbocharge Functionality

Kitchen Accessories to Turbocharge Functionality

It’s fairly well known that more decisions mean more stress. And when it comes to kitchen renovations, that can definitely be true. Between having to choose cabinets, tapware, splashbacks, and benchtops from the hundreds of options available to renovators in Melbourne today, it can all seem a little overwhelming.


But a DIY kitchen complete with a fully assembled instead of flat packs greatly reduces these headaches. And for the rest of the decisions, it’s well worth taking the time to consider them carefully. After all, the kitchen is probably the most used room in the house (after the bedrooms), and your accessory choices go a long way to making it more functional and practical for the years to come. Here are some of the most useful additions for your new kitchen.


Pull-Out Shelves 


Traditional shelved pantries and shelves might hold a lot, but they aren’t terribly practical when it comes to day to day use. How many of us have embarked on our annual clean out of the pantry only to find some long-expired canned good or baking ingredient lurking in a back corner?

Pull-out internal shelves solve a lot of these problems. Instead of opening a door to the contents inside, you pull outward on a handle, and the shelving emerges into the room. All of the contents are equally visible and accessible. This kind of shelf is useful across the full spectrum of kitchen items. For small but numerous items like spices, a pull-out spice rack saves you plenty of time fumbling with each item and checking the label before stumbling on the right one.


Bin Drawers


Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen knows that when it comes to clearing the benches to get some space for the next cooking steps, or the washing up at the end of the night, accessing the bin can be a pain. 

Dirty or wet hands can leave marks on stand-alone bins and they also look unattractive sitting on the floor of the kitchen. 

Swing lever and pull out bins solve this problem as they are hidden inside cupboards. 

An in-built, pull out bin is a simple, functional, practical solution to both of these function and form problems. It hides away unobtrusively as a built-in addition and it’s easy to access. An added benefit is that many pull out bin systems have a dual bin which conveniently allows for both general waste and recycling. 


Clever Corner Solutions


Corner shelving is inefficient. It’s just hard to get into those back corners, and it often involves reaching and stretching over counter space to get there, which isn’t ideal. Lazy susan corner shelves make this much simpler and more functional. For those with mobility issues or those who are shorter, being able to swing out very low or very high shelving is also an invaluable safety feature.


Kitchen Towel Rails 


It’s not uncommon to see a kitchen towel strewn over the bench or hanging over a towel rail, but this can look a little unsightly.  Locating the towel on the oven rail can also be a little inconvenient if the oven is not located close to the sink. To combat these issues, kitchen hand towel rails are a must for good kitchen organisation. They sit inside cabinetry which not only helps keep the kitchen looking neat and tidy, can be pulled out so your towels are within easy reach. 


So as you can see, there is a range of great options to add to your DIY kitchen to make it even better for you in the future. Kitchen Shack are specialists and use Hettich kitchen accessories and hinge systems which come with a lifetime warranty. With three modern showrooms in Preston, Maribyrnong and Kilsyth, and our experienced team are always ready to help you figure out what will work best in your newly renovated kitchen.