Ivanhoe Kitchen Renovation

Ivanhoe Kitchen Renovation

Hands up who has a kitchen ‘junk drawer’?

Why is that?  Are we so attached to the odd bits and bobs, that we think we may need them 5 minutes after we throw them in the bin?

At Kitchen Shack you can have plenty of practical storage, and even room for the junk drawer!

We appreciate individual tastes, needs and budgets, and with that in mind we can help you design an ideal kitchen that reflects your unique personality.

The kitchen is a big focus of any home, it’s where we often gather to celebrate, share food, solve problems, laugh, cry and everything in-between.

The young couple of this Ivanhoe cottage, lived in their home for a few years, before embarking on a major renovation.  By living in the home first, they were able to get a great feel for what would work, and how the spaces should flow.

The kitchen was key to the rear of the renovation and the connection to the outdoor spaces. There were many things to consider, like:

👉Open Spaces
👉Over-all Look
👉Aspect to the Outdoor Living
👉Functionality and Storage

Working within a strict budget should not been seen as a hinderance, but rather a challenge to think outside the box, and come up with clever solutions.
Although well versed in design, and with a clear picture of what they wanted, the couple acknowledged that they needed the help of a professional kitchen designer.

The young couple met with our designer, Mary, at Kitchen Shack Preston and began the fun part…planning their dream kitchen!
Our designers love working with clients that have a clear vision and are happy to explore the many options that Kitchen Shack can offer to solve tricky design issues.
With measurements and layout in hand, the team got busy creating the new improved design.

Some of their key requirements:

✏️Modern design
✏️Flow to adjacent living area
✏️Island bench table for entertaining
✏️Clutter-free benches
✏️More storage

The resulting kitchen is a clean, inviting space with the warmth of Excel Urban Oak overheads, balanced by the lower cabinetry in Metro Tornado and topped with YDL Starburst benches. The island bench is an entertainer’s dream, with an extended section in timber laminate functioning as a table for friends and family to gather around. Our clever DIYer’s sourced the black powder coated table legs, which tie in with the black accessories throughout the home, like handles, tap ware and lighting fixtures.

A bonus feature that everyone will be talking about… that sneaky corner cabinet that hides all the messy, heavy appliances that used to clutter your benches. With a smart folding door, Hettich hinges, and internal power points, all your appliances like mixers, blenders and toasters can be tucked away after use…. Seriously smart!

Lastly… that impressive, hinged window over the kitchen sink. This simple feature takes the kitchen to the next level, by inviting the outdoors in.  With a wide sill acting as a bench, the owners can serve drinks to guests on the deck or pass the snags to the BBQ chef.

We can just imagine the summer gatherings on the deck, G&Ts passed through the pop-up window, friends making salads in the kitchen, and others gathering around the bench sharing stories.

The owners loved working with Mary from Kitchen Shack Preston, and their Ivanhoe Kitchen has achieved all it set out to. With thoughtful design and clever solutions creating a welcoming family friendly space.

Ready to work on your kitchen design? We are excited to work with you!   Contact us today to get a free design and quote for your kitchen renovation.


Location: Ivanhoe, Victoria

Kitchen Design: Kitchen Shack Preston

Reason for Renovating: Purchased a house to renovate. They wanted to create a kitchen where family and friends could easily gather around.

Before DIY Kitchen Renovation: Out of date and not functional to modern living.

After DIY Kitchen Renovation:
Island bench / table for entertaining. Ease of access from inside to outdoors. Increased storage including appliance cabinet to keep benchtops free of clutter.

Cabinets Kitchen: Metro Tornado Satin and Excel Urban Oak overheads