The Importance of Layout: Kitchen Cabinets Melbourne

The Importance of Layout: Kitchen Cabinets Melbourne

When you are in the kitchen, it pays to know exactly where everything is, at all times. Organisation is vital amid the chaos of the activity here, and many chefs are extremely fastidious about the placement of cabinets, benchtops and appliances within their kitchen.

Efficiency is key within this area of activity. Given the stakes involved – burning dinner and delaying a feed doesn’t seem like a huge deal, until there are hungry children involved or friends waiting on that amazing feast!  The functionality and flow of the kitchen space is so important, it pays to make sure that your kitchen layout is done well, and is familiar to your cooking needs.

Putting all of your cooking tools in arm’s reach means that your prep time is considerably shorter. You spend less time chasing around food, pots/pans, spices etc. so within the kitchen, and more time doing the job you’re there to do. When the layout of your kitchen is fully functional and designed professionally, you seldom need to move far from your work area. Everything is conveniently within arm’s reach, and you are ready for action.

This is where we come in. At Kitchen Shack, our kitchen professionals will design a kitchen to your measurements using the design kitchen work triangle where your hotplates/oven, sink and fridge will all be at working distance to provide ease of cooking with minimal mess essential for any kitchen design. Your diy kitchen will then be organised in conjunction with your kitchen cabinets and benchtops to create the elegance of your kitchen all at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay.


This will also ensure the added benefit of putting your staples away easily between cupboards and fridge to keep them safe from pets, pests, or hungry fingers. Ensuring your kitchen is a safe place and an easy work environment is a huge priority for us, and our budget kitchens let you achieve this.  As we know, most household accidents occur in the kitchen so leave the design of your kitchen to the professionals and take advantage of our free in-store design.  You can be sure our designers will listen to your needs to understand what is most important for your kitchen layout.

For more information about the functionality or kitchen layout designs book a free in-store design appointment or contact one of our Kitchen Shack showrooms around Melbourne, today!