How to Renovate Your Kitchen on the Cheap

How to Renovate Your Kitchen on the Cheap

Don’t have tens of thousands of dollars in the bank for your kitchen reno?

You’re not alone.

The majority of Australian property owners would love to remodel their kitchens, but the sheer cost of it is stopping them in their tracks.

Kitchen Shack is here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you are like most property owners, you appreciate value as much as quality. Today we’re sharing exactly how you can renovate your kitchen on a budget without breaking the bank, starting with:

Look at the fine details

Swapping out the smallest of details in your kitchen can deliver a refreshed tone and appearance. Don’t be afraid to let your character shine in cost-effective ways like wallhangings, fixtures, and lighting options.

Don’t move “set in stone” fixtures

Whenever possible, keep your sink, dishwasher, stove and even the refrigerator right where they have to be. Rearranging the plumbing and electrical work for any one of these appliances is a costly endeavour that will add hundreds of dollars to your kitchen renovation project.

Be smart with the splashback

The kitchen splashback may be widely celebrated these days (and with good reason), but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend an arm and a leg on finding an attractive splashback for your kitchen.

Look into your material options and then see where you may be able to find “seconds” or left-overs that are priced for a quick sale. If that doesn’t work for you, a good option is blending modern options with traditional and cost-effective alternatives (like glass with tile) to achieve the desired effect.

Use vertical space to your advantage

Older kitchens often do not take full advantage of the vertical space available. Rather than waste that valuable storage space, put in some open shelving or cabinetry! Not only will it create a more functional kitchen, but it will make the area appear larger and more impressive.

Keep the surface fixtures and go after the cabinets

Looking for a stylish yet frugal way to update your home? Keep fixtures like the oven or cooktop if they still in good condition and update the cabinetry.

A big selling point for most homebuyers and renters in a home is the cabinetry. By leaving some of the existing fixtures you can maintain the original appeal of the kitchen while updating its overall look with the cabinets.

Use less expensive materials for benchtops

Once you go down the path of deciding to change your cabinets, you will find you also need to replace the benchtop as well.

This is because most benchtops are glued to the cabinet and it is extremely difficult to remove an old benchtop without breaking it. Fortunately, there are some low-cost options available. Choosing cheaper materials such as laminate for your benchtop is one option. Apart from recently making a comeback, laminate is less expensive than stone and now comes in a vast array of colours and finishes.

Stay On Budget and On-Trend with Kitchen Shack!

Kitchen cabinetry is the number one way to update a kitchen while improving its functionality. Whether you’re a homeowner or a property owner, you’ll appreciate the professionalism and expertise of Kitchen Shack cabinet installations.

You can contact us today about your kitchen renovation project – we look forward to hearing of your plans.