How to Plan a Flat Pack Kitchen

How to Plan a Flat Pack Kitchen

Whether you call them rules of thumb, shortcuts, or accumulated wisdom, there are banks of knowledge that can save us all time and money. We all know which of our favourite restaurants offer great deals on a particular day, or the best way to get to work to avoid tolls, because we do those things regularly.

But for things we don’t do regularly, it’s a little harder to get those rules of thumb working in our favour. Designing and installing a flat pack kitchen is definitely one of those ‘not done regularly’ parts of life.

But for us at Kitchen Shack, it is easier with fully assembled products.  Here we’ve put together a few rules of thumb about the best way to plan a flat pack kitchen.

Tried and True Triangles

When we talk about a triangle in your flat pack kitchen, we’re not suggesting an unconventionally shaped island bench! A kitchen triangle is a guide between the three main work areas in any kitchen. These areas are the cooking areas, the sink, and the fridge.

The idea is to have each of these areas separated and ideally, opposite the other two. That creates a natural spacing in the kitchen, and also allows a person to work in one area without blocking access to another area. 

It should be noted that the concept of the triangle originated when the main appliances were the sink, fridge, stove & cooktop. These days, we use a lot more appliances – from a dishwasher to microwave ovens and even coffee machines. So while the concept of a triangle serves as a handy reference point  these days it is a little out of date. The main thing to remember is having a work area that flows for the main things you do in your kitchen as well as plenty of bench space for food preparation.


Functionality is critical in a well designed kitchen. Think what best suits your needs and how you want to use the existing space. Even make a list of all the features you would like to keep and the new ones you would like to add. Think storage, preparation and cooking.

Fridge Placement

Despite the additions of LED screens, water filters and other gizmos, fridges are first and foremost one of the keys in the kitchen. And if space allows it, it always pays to have the fridge easily accessible. Having the fridge near the ‘open’ side of the kitchen closest to the next room is the best way to ensure anyone after a cold drink or a snack doesn’t have to interrupt the use of the rest of the kitchen.

60:40:40 Spacing 

The exact measurements can vary, but our rule of thumb is that there should be some bench space near each of the major appliances or work areas.

Of course, not every flat pack kitchen or kitchen renovation will allow for these spacings, but it’s still good to keep them in mind.

The ideal spacing is 60cm either side of the sink and 40cm either side of the stovetop. This is where room for ingredients, measuring implements, or a chopping board while cooking can be really useful. Alongside the fridge, a 40cm space can also be helpful for when multiple ingredients need to come out or when stocking up after visiting the supermarket. Having this temporary storage space available can reduce the amount of time the fridge door needs to be opened.

All this may be confusing and can be complicated so if you would like the benefit of talking to a team that has been designing fully assembled better than flat pack kitchens, that will work for them for years, look no further. Even if you don’t know where to start, Kitchen Shack can still help! Our four conveniently located showrooms in Preston, Maribyrnong, Moorabbin and Kilsyth are full of knowledgeable, friendly staff ready to make the process so much easier for you.  Book your free design and quote now!