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How To Measure Your Kitchen

How To Measure Your Kitchen

We’ll need measurements of your current kitchen before we can design a new one. It’s simple to measure (in mm) by following these tips.

  • Find a measuring tape and a partner or friend.
  • Using a blank piece of paper draw the floor plan. You may find graph paper easier to use.
  • Include windows, doors, arches, structual features and appliances.
  • Start with floor to ceiling height. This can be easier to break up into sections. For example measure floor to existing bench height then bench to ceiling and add altogether.
  • Next measure floor to bottom of window. Then window height including architraves and top of window to ceiling. Include the depth of window including architraves. Write all measurements on your plan as soon as you measure.
  • Then measure wall to wall lengths and heights.
  • Remember to add the thickness of tiles or splashbacks when measuring an existing space.
  • Include height and depth of appliances you intend using in your space. These include fridge, oven, microwave.
  • Include measurements of doorways architraves. Display the direction of the door opening.
  • Now to underneath sink measuring hot and cold taps. Mark waste plumbing on your plan.
  • Finally, measure and mark all current and future power points.
  • As you measure make sure you write down immediately so you don’t forget.
  • Remember: “if in doubt measure twice”.
  • Download our Design Guide has more detailed information or watch below to see how Matt and Hannah measured their kitchen space.

There’s no stress if you’re unsure. If you buy from Kitchen Shack we do a free check measure!