How to Maximise Space when Designing a Kitchen?

How to Maximise Space when Designing a Kitchen?

How functional a kitchen design is will often come down to how well the available space is used. Even the smallest kitchens can work quite well when they are designed to take full advantage of the space. But achieving this takes careful thought and more than a little creativity. 

Here we share our top tips on getting the most from your kitchen space all within your budget.

Think about your lifestyle

While getting your floor plan right is always important, it’s especially critical when space is limited. And the key to this is thinking about how you will use your kitchen on a daily basis. 

For example, how many people will you usually have working in the kitchen at one time? If it’s more than one, there will need to be plenty of prep space for them to use. You may also need wider gaps between your cabinetry to allow multiple cooks to move around each other.

But if there’s one person who does most of your cooking, you can tailor your design to their preferences. You can also consider choosing smaller appliances to allow for more storage space.

Also, what other purposes does your kitchen serve? If it’s just where you and your partner prepare easy meals, you can keep the design simple and open. But, if it’s the hub of your family home, you will need to maximise both storage and prep space.

Consider Your Budget 

Sticking to your existing floorplan will help save on plumbing costs and help you keep to a budget but it may not always help you maximise your space. 

However, there are still smart ways to maximise your design space and stick to a budget while retaining the existing layout. For example, sometimes removing things can help you keep your existing footprint but maximise your space – like this kitchen renovation project we did in Montrose. 

Optimise your storage

When space is limited, storage becomes more important but also more difficult to fit into your design. This usually means you need to get creative to make sure you have places for all your stuff. Some of the things we recommend you try are:

grey pot drawers

  • Swap lower cupboards for drawers: Because of the way they are structured, drawers are usually the more functional choice for your under-bench cabinets. This is because they break up the space and make it easy to access the whole depth of your cabinets. They are especially effective when located next to your cooktop, providing easily accessible storage for your pots and pans.


  • Consider an appliance cupboard with concertina doors:  These are a great way to free up bench space while keeping your favourite utensils readily accessible. They also provide plenty of great storage space, they can also take up a lot of precious floor and wall space. 


  • Build in your bins: More than just giving you back floor space, built-in bin systems provide a range of benefits. For example, they can help make your kitchen look cleaner by hiding your bin in your cabinetry. They can also help minimise odours and even assist you in managing the sorting of your recycling.


  • Specialist accessories: There is now a range of purpose-built options designed to make storing certain items even easier. For example, a lazy susan (or carousel) can be an invaluable addition to corner cabinetry, making the space much more accessible. Or even a deluxe pantry with adjustable shelves and drawers that pull out.

Want more information?

If you’re planning a kitchen update and need help getting the most from the space, give Kitchen Shack a call. Whether you’re working with a smaller space or just want to maximise functionality, our kitchen experts are here to help.