How to Install a Kitchen

How to Install a Kitchen

If you’ve never done it before, installing a kitchen can seem like a big undertaking. However, when you know what you’re doing, it’s actually quite a straightforward process – particularly if you’re reasonably handy. You just need to make sure you have the right tools and follow the right steps.

Installing a kitchen in 5 simple steps

At Kitchen Shack, we aim to make DIY kitchen renovations as easy as possible. That’s why all our cabinets come pre-assembled, making them much easier to install. When you get your new kitchen from Kitchen Shack, all you need to do is:

  • Set up and layout: Start by organising your cabinets, grouping together the different parts, and making sure you have everything that’s shown on your plans. Attach the legs and rails to each cabinet and move base cabinets into position. When doing this, it’s best to start with the corner unit(s), then the end units, then fill in the gaps.
  • Under bench cabinets and benchtop template: Start installing base cabinets, cutting and placing infills between units, and screwing everything in place, regularly checking that everything’s level. Construct oven base, side infills, and oven stand, and fix in place. Attach end panels (screwing in place from the inside of cabinets) and cut holes for plumbing in the under-sink cabinet. Referring to your plans, measure and cut the benchtop template, screwing it in place before measuring and cutting out a hole for the sink.
  • Overhead cabinets: Start by installing the range hood, including measuring and cutting holes in the appropriate cabinet and marking the power points and flue position. Set up props on base cabinets and fix overhead cabinets in position, starting with the range hood unit. Once the first cabinet is in place, loosen the props and repeat the process for the other units, regularly checking everything is level.
  • Doors, drawers, and accessories: Kitchen Shack cabinetry come with all runners already installed and all drawers already assembled. Simply slide drawers, shelves, and other accessories (e.g. spice racks, bin systems, etc.) into place, making sure they move easily. Then fit doors by popping hinges into place, regularly checking everything is level and adjusting hinges as required.
  • Handles and final adjustments: Measure, cut, and fix in place kickboards, starting with joining together the corner sections. Choose where to position handles using blu tack, then use a ruler and pen to guide final placement. Check all doors and drawers, adjusting hinges to make sure all panels line up and everything moves easily. Finish with a final fill of any unnecessary gaps and a quick clean of the space.

Once all this is done, you’re ready for the finishing touches – like your new benchtops and splashback. You can also call in your trades to connect your plumbing and electrical.

Want more information?

We’ve put together a series of short videos walking you through every step to help guide you through this process. And, if you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals, we have a list of experienced local installers who can help you out.