How to Choose a Melbourne Kitchen Manufacturer in an Era of Supply Chain Issues?

How to Choose a Melbourne Kitchen Manufacturer in an Era of Supply Chain Issues?

Over the last year or so, supply issues have become a major topic of conversation within the kitchen industry. We’ve seen several global events combine to have a major impact on the cost and availability of many popular products. Many companies have also struggled to source the raw materials they need to make their products, further exacerbating supply issues.

This has made the already difficult task of choosing a supplier for your new kitchen, even more complex. Now, in addition to considering factors like your preferred style and materials, you also need to think about logistics and lead times. To help you with this, we want to explore the issues currently impacting supply and how we are overcoming these. 

Key issues facing the kitchen industry

As we’ve previously noted, the average cost of a kitchen renovation is on the rise. In fact, many of the biggest kitchen companies have already increased prices by 7 – 9%. This is largely due to the global pandemic, which reduced manufacturing activity and limited the availability of skilled labour.

The pandemic also crippled international supply chains, significantly reducing the ability to source and ship materials from overseas. This has particularly impacted some of the most popular materials, like stone, which have also seen notable price increases. Raw materials, like particle board and laminate, have also been harder to source, which has impeded local manufacturing activity.

The uncertainty created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also had a major impact on the stability of global supply chains. Space on cargo ships, in particular, has become much harder to secure and is now attracting a premium. This additional cost is generally being passed onto the consumer, as most kitchen companies simply cannot absorb it.

At the same time, lockdowns have seen the vast majority of people spending a lot more time at home. Many of these people have also seen their savings increase, as international travel has been off the cards. These two factors have combined to create a significant spike in the number of homeowners looking to update their kitchen.

As a result, we’re also seeing near record levels of demand. But, as most companies are unable to meet this, it’s mostly just leading to longer wait times. In fact, many companies are now saying there will be a minimum 3 – 6 month delay on all new orders.

How Kitchen Shack is different

While we’re experiencing many of the same issues as most other kitchen companies, they’re generally having less of an impact. This is largely because we design and manufacture most of our products right here in Melbourne. As such, we’re less susceptible to changes in transport availability and cost.

We’ve also been in the industry for 70+ years and have learnt a few important lessons along the way. This includes a few tricks for making sure we have the materials required to meet all our clients’ needs. As such, when you work with us, you can trust your new kitchen will be delivered within budget. But more importantly, we know what stock we have so we will clearly communicate wait times according to demand.

So, if you’re thinking it’s time to tackle that long-overdue kitchen update, Kitchen Shack can help. We can work with you to refine your design and bring your dream kitchen space to life. Contact us today to arrange your in-store design and quote consultation.

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