How much does a Kitchen Renovation cost in Melbourne?

How much does a Kitchen Renovation cost in Melbourne?

With the cost of living in Victoria rising, for those considering a kitchen renovation, budget remains a primary concern. So let’s explore how much a kitchen renovation costs in Melbourne.

A shift in thinking towards renovations.

With sales of new homes stalling in recent months, it’s no surprise Melbournians are turning to renovations instead. According to HIA Anne-Maree Brown, “the renovations sector is set to hold up at elevated levels.”

What we are now seeing is a smarter approach to kitchen renovations. People are re-thinking their major renovation plans and new builds. They are open to make some clever improvements on a reduced budget in their existing homes. Budget renovations, particularly kitchens, laundries and bathrooms continue to increase across Melbourne.

Increases in renovation costs.

According to senior economist at HIA, Tom Devitt, “two major factors are impacting home renovations in 2023: materials and labour.

During the pandemic, these constraints resulted in build times for detached housing increasing from a little more than 8 months to more than a year. Labour constraints are now the dominant issue for the industry, which will impact the completion times of renovation projects.”

The good news is, we are seeing the trade costs cooling and materials more readily available. This coupled with the demand still very high, results in prices being pushed up. The cost of building is now 42% higher than it was 2 years ago, and the increase in interest rates is not helping the renovators budget.

The impact on renovators

When your budget takes a major hit it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities. People are now shifting their mindset from building to renovating their existing home. They are making smarter, more economical, choices when planning their kitchen and laundry renovations, to suit a smaller budget yet achieve a similar outcome.

It needs to be remembered to book renovations in early, to avoid the disappointment of long lead times on materials and trades. There is also a move to source locally, choosing companies based in Victoria who are manufacturing their own products. This removes the increased cost of freight and minimises the risk of material and supply delays.

How much should I budget for my kitchen?

There are three main factors that will determine your budget. The size of your space, the materials you select, and what you can afford.

According to HIA Kitchens and Bathrooms Report 2022-23, the average cost of a kitchen renovation in Victoria was $30,450 installed.

To explain Kitchen Shack’s average kitchen renovation cost we have chosen a typical kitchen renovation like our recent project in Dromana (image below). Working on a tight budget and time constraints, this young family of four chose the shaker style cabinetry and laminate benchtops.

The cost of this kitchen and laundry cabinetry including benchtops delivered to Dromana is less than $15,500.

In this case they used a local builder who also removed walls to open up their unit. If they were using a Kitchen Shack recommended installer the cost estimate would be less than $2,000. The additional costs of trades like plumber and electrician will bring your grand total to less than $24,000.

The good news at Kitchen Shack our average kitchens supplied and delivered cost around $13,000 plus installation. Being Melbourne manufactured means our freight costs are low and best of all we can control the quality.

How long will my kitchen renovation take?

Standard kitchen renovations in Melbourne, will take around 6-8 weeks from initial design consultation to installed kitchen. Your Kitchen Shack Designer offers personalised one-on-one service from start to finish!

Don’t be fooled by ‘The Block’! If we could all magically edit the mishaps, delays, and frustrations out of our home renovations we’d be laughing too!

Remember with Kitchen Shack you’re receiving a quality, Melbourne manufactured solution.

We specialise in helping renovators get the look they want for less. It’s no wonder Melbournians are working with Kitchen Shack where we offer free in-store design and quotes at Lowest Prices Guaranteed*. Start your kitchen renovation today!