How Can I Update My Kitchen on a Budget?

How Can I Update My Kitchen on a Budget?

Many homeowners dream of updating their kitchen, but with the average renovation cost coming in over $20,000, it’s beyond most people’s means. It doesn’t need to be, though. By planning carefully, doing some of the work yourself, and focusing your spend on the changes that will deliver the greatest return, even a modest budget can make a massive difference. 

If you’d love to refresh your kitchen, but need to keep the costs down, try out these top tips.


Tip #1: DIY to save on labour costs

Doing some of the work yourself is a great way to keep your costs down. While there are certain things that must always be done by a professional (like electrical and plumbing), there are plenty of simpler tasks that any renovator can do, like measuring the space, pulling out the old cabinetry and fixtures, painting and tiling, and even installing the new cabinetry (although we recommend you hire a professional to install the cabinetry). Best of all, you’ll get a serious sense of achievement, knowing you had a real hand in creating your new kitchen space.


Tip #2: Stick to the existing layout

Changing the location or layout of your kitchen can have a massive impact on the renovation budget. In addition to the cost of relocating services (water, electricity, gas), rejigging your floorplan could require everything from minor flooring repairs to significant structural work. By keeping the same basic format for your kitchen, you’ll avoid these extra costs, and you’ll know what it will be like to work in your updated space, once the job is done!


Tip #3: Reuse your appliances

While for many renovators, new appliances are a big part of the appeal of a new kitchen, they can also be a big part of the expense. As such, keeping your current appliances, if they are in good condition and working order, and fitting them into your new design can really bring the final bill down. Good news is, most appliances can be easily replaced. So if you find yourself with some extra cash down the line, you can easily splash out on a new oven or fridge. 


Tip #4: Get free design advice

Most kitchen companies will provide a free design service. This is a great way to get professional input without having to spend big. Most of these designers understand the limitations of a budget and should be able to recommend the things to focus on to achieve the look and feel you’re after while limiting your costs.


Tip #5 Choose cost-effective versions of more expensive materials

Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, and there are plenty of cost-effective alternatives to the most in-demand – and highest priced – fixtures and fittings. Not only do these options look just as good, but they can also often be more practical and hardwearing. So… consider laminate instead of stone benchtops or a less expensive tile that could achieve the same look but for much less!


Tip #6: Fully assembled cabinets can save you a fortune on installation

As anyone who has put flatpack furniture together will tell you, buying things already assembled is always worth it. Not only will it save you time – and sanity! – it can be significantly cheaper as the time to install pre-assembled cabinets is much quicker! And even if you do want to arrange someone to install them for you, the cost will also be a lot less as they won’t need to assemble the cabinets.  


Need help planning your budget kitchen update?

At Kitchen Shack, we understand the challenge of renovating on a budget. We stock a wide range of cost-effective materials, and our professional designers are experts in helping homeowners get the most out of their renovation budget. Plus if you are already working with a builder, you may be eligible for the Home Builder grant. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced kitchen consultants or book in for a free design and quote.