How can I save money on my DIY kitchen renovation?

How can I save money on my DIY kitchen renovation?

Thinking about renovating your kitchen? For most of our customers Budget is at the top of the priority list, especially a DIY Kitchen Renovation.

Nobody wants to get caught out mid project and find themselves making unnecessary compromises to get it finished. So how can you avoid the dreaded budget blow out?

Preparation and knowledge is the key to our success. Spending time researching and planning can save a ton of cash and headaches. So, if you’re planning on ga DIY kitchen makeover this year, you really need to check out these hot tips.

Compare quotes and quality for DIY Kitchen Renovations.

When you’re working with a strict budget, it’s crucial to research DIY Kitchens thoroughly, so do your foot work, and gather information and inspiration.

Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram offer great inspiration for colour schemes and designs that align with your tastes and style of your home. Start by collecting images that resonate with you, as your plans progress you will be able to create a final mood board to work from. 

Create a simple list outlining what bothers you about your current kitchen, and what improvements you need. Understanding your end goals and budget constraints is key.

When you have a clear vision of how your kitchen will look, it’s time to visit a few showrooms and gather as many quotes as possible. It’s important to see the product in person, so you can assess the quality and finish first-hand.

Consider whether you are open to flat-pack kitchen, or a pre-assembled and delivered kitchen and how this will affect your budget and timeline. Keeping in mind that a flat pack kitchen will incur more costs due to assembly of the kitchen. You can read more on the differences between flat pack vs assembled kitchens in our previous article.

Gathering as information as possible will help you make realistic plans and informed decisions about your kitchen renovation.

Plan and prepare a realistic budget and stick to it.

It’s time to crunch the numbers.

Once you have determined your allocated budget for the entire DIY Kitchen Renovation, you will need to ensure all expenses are considered, and if it will work within the set limit.

Finalise a quote that you are happy with and allow for any additional costs that may arise during the project.

• Hiring a plumber to disconnect and reconnect new taps and points.

• Employing an electrician to install new power points.

• Considering a professional tiler for the kitchen or laundry splashback.

• Assessing whether relocation during your renovation is necessary and the impact on your budget?

Now that you have the final figures – stick to it! The easiest way to achieve that is by sticking to the original plan.

How do nasty costs sneak in uninvited?

It’s usually from a change of mind, hence why we are serious about the planning and preparation stage. Be diligent with your designs, process and desired outcome and you’ll be a very happy renovator come installation day. 

At Kitchen Shack, an experienced designer works with you to achieve the best outcome within your budget. Remarkable transformations are often born out of challenting situations, so don’t let your budget be the hinderance, let it be the catalyst for clever ideas. 

Find out how much a kitchen renovation costs in Melbourne.

Look for cost-effective alternatives

Do you really need all new appliances, a butler’s pantry and designer stools?

Consider whether you can re-use any existing appliances or lighting, if not then seek out budget friendly options.

It’s worth looking at ex-demo models from showrooms, or even scour the pages of Gumtree and Facebook marketplace. You’d be amazed at what people will discard for a fraction of the label price.

The important thing is to get your base right, from there you can add your personal style.

Working with an experienced designer is worth its’ weight in gold. If you can design your kitchen around the existing services, you’ll avoid extra costs on trades needed to relocate gas and water outlets. Find experienced professionals who can design clever solutions for your problems, without the eye-watering prices!

Some great money saving alternatives include.

• Choosing laminate benches over stone or marble.
• Select a feature tile for your splash back rather than stone.
• Replace some cabinetry for open shelves- a great way to colour and styling options.
• Find the affordable version of your favourite light or bar stool.
• Consider end of model appliance sales.

Map out a renovation timeline. 

Get out the whiteboard, it’s time to get serious!

Not sure about you but we love to plan things in detail. It’s a proven method of avoiding stress, disruption to work and family, and budget blowouts. A poorly planned renovation can tip those costs over the edge when you’re planning a DIY kitchen renovation.

Below are some ideas of how to plan your kitchen renovation timeline.

✏️Research- 1-4 weeks.

Explore sources like Instagram, Pinterest, and magazines to gather inspiration for your kitchen design. Visit multiple showrooms to inspect the quality of materials and collect quotes for your Kitchen Design. Determine your budget and identify areas where you can save money on your DIY kitchen.

✏️Kitchen Design & Quotation 1-2 weeks.

Take precise measurements of your space. You can refer to our Design Guide for accurate measurements. Book your free in-store Kitchen Design Consultation with an experienced kitchen designer.  The design process typically takes 1-2 weeks during which your designer will work with you to finalise the layout and features of your new kitchen.

✏️Production commences 2-3 weeks.

Once the design is finalised, production of your cabinetry begins. While your cabinets are being made, you can start booking other tradespeople you may need, such as plumbers and electricians.

How much of the DIY project are you willing to take on yourself? If you’d rather be an observer, there are other ways to make a few extra dollars by selling off your existing kitchen to recoup some costs.

✏️In-Home Kitchen Installation 1-2 weeks.

Prepare for the installation phase, which involves demolition of your old kitchen and installation of the new one. Demolition can be noisy and messy, so plan accordingly. You’ll receive a delivery date prior to help you plan for the installation process.

Throughout the entire process, it’s essential to maintain open communication with your designer and tradespeople to ensure everything stays on track. Planning and being prepared for each stage will help minimise stress and ensure a successful DIY kitchen renovation.

Read detailed information on ‘Planning for a DIY Kitchen Renovation & Timeline’

Are you ready for a DIY Renovation Challenge?

Get your hands dirty and tackle some of the work yourselves to cut costs. Tasks like removing your old kitchen, painting walls, or polishing floorboards can save you money.

Be aware of your skills and know when to call in a professional to avoid wasting time and money on complex tasks. Make sure you negotiate with trades and find the right person to work with. Certain aspects like plumbing and electrical must meet Australian Standards and require licensed professionals. 

While diving into the DIY adventure, remember it’s not like The Block with cameras, bonus dollars or freebies. Don’t be swayed by impressive social media success stories from cheap flat pack stores like IKEA and Bunnings. The reality often involves unseen challenges and frustrations.

Consider opting for pre-assembled cabinetry to skip the stress and assembly and enjoy a ready to install kitchen. You’ll still feel accomplished for saving money and actively participating in your renovation.

An assembled DIY kitchen, tailored to your needs and space, ensures enduring quality and design for your family’s busy life.

Now’s the time to roll up your sleeves and embark on your exciting kitchen renovation project. This is where the journey begins – book your free in-store design below.