How can I save money during a DIY kitchen renovation?

How can I save money during a DIY kitchen renovation?

Let’s face it, budget is the first thought that pops into your head when you embark on any renovation especially a DIY Kitchen Renovation.

It determines what you can achieve and how you will achieve it. You don’t want to blow the budget at the halfway mark, and then limp across the line months later. 

We cannot stress enough, how preparation and knowledge, will save you money and unwanted mistakes.

So, if you’re thinking of giving your kitchen or laundry a DIY overhaul, you’ll want to check out these 4 Top Tips.

Research the best quotes and quality for DIY Kitchen Renovations.

Everyone’s budget and needs are different, so do your foot work, and gather as much information on DIY kitchens as possible.

Pinterest and Instagram are great resources for ideas and colour schemes. It will help you know what you do and don’t like. Start by collecting images of styles that suit your home and taste. 

Write a concise list of what annoys you about your current kitchen, and things you would need to improve the situation. 

It’s important to know what your end goal is, and then what you can afford within your budget.

If you are set on a particular company, that a friend recommended, then that’s a great place to start, but don’t ignore the competitors.

When you are clear on what you want, and the approximate specifications, take it to a few companies and get detailed quotes.

Make sure to visit each showroom, so you can look at the quality and get a feel for the materials and hardware.

Also consider whether you are prepared to deal with a Flat-pack kitchen, or an assembled and delivered kitchen. This will obviously affect your budget with the cost of trades higher for flatpack assembly. Read more on the differences between flat pack vs assembled kitchens.

The more information you gather, the more realistic your planning can be.

Plan and prepare a tight budget and stick to it.

Work out how much you are prepared to spend on the total DIY Kitchen Renovation, and work within that budget.

Once you have a quote you are happy with, look for any additional costs that you may encounter during the process like the following.

• A Plumber to disconnect and reconnect new taps and points.

• An Electrician to install new power points.

• Professional tiler to create a splash back in your kitchen or laundry.

• Do you need to move out during the renovation, and how much will this add to your budget?

Once you have your final sum, stick to it, and that often means sticking to the original plan.

Extra costs can occur when you change your mind or add things later. The best way to avoid this is to create a set plan and go over it thoroughly, until you are set on the design, the process, and the outcome. This is the only way to avoid stress and unwanted costs creeping in. 

At Kitchen Shack you will be working with an experienced designer to create the best possible outcome for your needs and most importantly your budget.  You’d be amazed at what you can do with a tight budget and clever ideas. 

Find out the average cost of a DIY Kitchen Renovation.

Do a renovation timeline. 

Plan, plan, plan your renovation so your family and your work won’t suffer, especially if you are planning a DIY kitchen renovation.

There’s no doubt renovating can create a lot of stress, especially if this is your first project. Stress is often caused by the unknown, so the more you can prepare and set a realistic timeline on what is involved, the less stress you’ll endure.

After all, this is not The Block and no one will be watching you have a meltdown over spilt paint!

So, to break it down, here is a typical timeline for you to work around…

✏️Research- 1-4 weeks.

Get busy on Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines. Visit numerous showrooms to see the quality of the products and get free Kitchen Design quotes. Set your budget and decide which areas you can do work on to save money. Get clear on your final vision and the design of your kitchen.

✏️Kitchen Design & Quotation 1-2 weeks.

Time to measure up. For more details on how to accurately measure your space Download our Design Guide

Book your Free in-store Kitchen Design Consultation with an experienced kitchen designer.  The process of design to lodgement usually takes approximately 1-2 weeks.

✏️Production commences 2-3 weeks.

It’s go time. Whilst your cabinetry is being made you can book your recommended installer, along with any other trades you need, such as plumbers and electricians.

The big question? How much of the DIY project are you willing to take on yourself? If you’d rather be an observer, there are other ways to make a few extra $$- consider selling off your existing kitchen via Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace.

✏️In-Home Kitchen Installation 1-2 weeks.

You need to make a mess to create something spectacular!  Demolition is noisy, dusty, and disruptive so be prepared.  You will receive a delivery date a couple of weeks prior to your kitchen being ready, so you can plan your week around receiving it.

Find out more details on ‘Planning for a DIY Kitchen Renovation & Timeline’

Embrace the DIY Renovation Movement.

Roll up your sleeves and do some of the work yourselves to save. Removal of your old kitchen, painting the walls, or polishing floorboards are some ways to save costs.

Be mindful of your skills and limitations and know when a professional is needed so you don’t waste precious time and money on complicated tasks.

There are certain things that need to meet Australian Standard, like plumbing and electrical, and these must be done by a licensed and qualified professional. 

If you’re throwing yourself into the DIY adventure, embracing The Block vibe, minus the cameras, bonus dollars, free wardrobe, and endless coffee supply! 

Don’t be fooled by impressive success stories on social media, with jaw-dropping results, from cheap flat-pack stores like IKEA and Bunnings.

Remember, we rarely see the bad bits in-between or the Allen-key induced tantrums.

With that said, you may be better suited to a pre-assembled cabinetry option. Save yourself the stress of putting a giant puzzle together and enjoy a kitchen that is delivered already assembled and ready to slide into place!

You will still gain a sense of achievement, having saved a lot of money, and being an active participant in your renovation.

The quality and design of the kitchen will stand the test of time and rigours of busy family life. 

With an assembled DIY kitchen, that has been designed to suit your needs and your existing space, the results will speak for themselves.

The time is now to pull on your boots and step into a new and exciting project. 

This is where the journey begins. 

Download our Free Design & Renovation Guide today.