Get the Block Laundry Look for Less

Get the Block Laundry Look for Less

If you’re like most people, you can only dream of spending as much on a laundry renovation as the teams on The Block. The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to get a similar look. By making a few small changes, you can save thousands of dollars without compromising the overall feel of the space.

Simple ways to keep your laundry renovation costs down

Before we get into the specific looks featured on The Block, there are a few general points we want to touch on.

First and foremost, a laundry needs to be functional. This means that there should be plenty of storage and space for all of your cleaning products and tools. The laundry is also a great place to store linens if you don’t have room anywhere else in your house.

If your laundry space is tight, you may need to choose between more storage (via overhead cabinetry) and extra hanging space. Similarly, you will need to strike the right balance between cupboard space and bench space. The arrangement of your appliances will affect this (stacked means more cupboard space, under bench means more bench space) so choose carefully!

Other things to note when renovating your laundry on a budget include:

  • Having your overhead cabinetry run all the way to the ceiling is unnecessary and expensive. Putting in a bulkhead will give a similar visual effect and save you a lot of money.
  • Having a pull-out accessory drawer adds cost and reduces the available storage space.
  • Natural stone and timber are expensive and require a lot more maintenance, particularly in a wet room, like the laundry. A high-quality laminate will give you a similar look for a fraction of the cost and will be much more hardwearing.

How to get the look for less

If you loved one of the laundries on The Block, here’s how to get a similar finish for a fraction of the price: 

  • House 1: Harry & Tash (1920s): Their main features included grooved Oak matte lower cabinetry and white satin overhead cabinetry, thin black handles, black sink and tap, and a wire pull-out basket. Instead, try using Inspire white matte and Excel Natural Chalet Oak cabinetry, Duropal Bellato Grey laminate or YDL Typhoon stone for the benchtop, and black handles.
  • House 2: Sarah & George (1940s): Their main features included white shaker style and v groove board cabinetry, Caesarstone Intense White benchtops, black handles and sink, and black and silver tapware. Instead, try using Egger Premium White or Duropal Snow White laminate for the benchtop.
  • House 3: Daniel & Jade (1930s): Their main features included Oyster Grey matte cabinetry, Caesarstone Excava benchtops, black sink and tap, and brass knobs. Instead, try using Metro Oyster grey matt cabinetry and Egger Valentino Grey laminate benchtops.
  • House 4: Luke & Jasmin (1910s): Their main features included Classic White shaker-style cabinetry and Prime Oak overhead shelving, Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete benchtops, brass handles, and tapware. Instead, try using Duropal Pale Lancelot Oak laminate for the overhead shelving and Duropal Bellato Grey or Cento laminate for the benchtops.
  • House 5: Jimmy & Tam (1950s): Their main features included a combination of Oyster Grey matte grooved cabinetry and Ballina Enamel mint green cabinetry, Caesarstone Frozen Terra benchtop, brass handles and tap, and a pull-out accessories rack. Instead, try using Metro Oyster Grey matte and Platinum Inspire Spinifex matte cabinetry with Egger Sonara White laminate benchtops.

Want the look for less?

 If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or laundry and want a designer look, but don’t want to pay a designer price, give Kitchen Shack a call. We’re experts in creating beautiful spaces on a budget and can help you get your desired look for less. We can also help make sure the functionality is right and suits how you and your family live.