Galley Kitchen Flatpacks Explained

Galley Kitchen Flatpacks Explained

If the phrase ‘galley kitchen’ makes you think of a small, cramped space on a boat where bare-bones meals are prepared, then read on. Galleys are indeed the long, narrow space on boats where food is prepared, but they are also a popular design trend that many renovators and DIY Kitchen Designers are choosing.

The benefits of a DIY flatpack galley kitchen renovation are numerous, so if you are still at the stage of choosing the layout of your new kitchen, it’s worth carefully considering if this would suit your home and your lifestyle.


Galley Kitchen Evolution


Modern kitchen trends emphasise functionality and practicality over most other features. A galley kitchen speaks to this trend by minimising the walking distance between areas of the kitchen. For busy homes, galley kitchens can also be ideal with a focus on plenty of cabinets for storage and ample benchtop and preparation spaces.

It’s for this reason that many professional kitchens borrow from the galley kitchen design elements to give professional chefs and cooks what they need from their workspace.


A Galley Kitchen Triangle


If you’ve read some of the other articles here on the blog, then you might have already heard us talk about the kitchen triangle. Some also call this the ‘working triangle’ of the kitchen where the ‘points’ of the triangle are made up of the kitchen, oven, and fridge. You want each of these points separated so that using one does not get in the way of using another. For example, you don’t want to block someone from using the sink every time you open the fridge door!

A compact kitchen triangle is often one of the first features that a renovator who has done a kitchen before will see in a galley style kitchen. The idea is that when cooking, all of your storage and pantry items, cooking appliances and the benchtop that you use for preparation will be in easy reach of one another. That means not having to cross to different parts of the kitchen to get everything together.  For example, you don’t want the kitchen storage for appliances to be right in the corner of the kitchen or adjoining another room not providing easy access.


Important Elements of a Galley Kitchen


For a renovation that is going to incorporate a galley kitchen, there are some critical features that will help you get the most out of this particular design. 

Galley kitchens are also easy to subdivide into other working areas, so it pays to think of what areas you want in the foreground, and what areas you are happy to have in the background.

By their nature, galley kitchens are narrower than wider, more open plan kitchens so if your kitchen is a thoroughfare between two other high traffic areas of the house, then be aware that minor log jams can occur in a galley kitchen.

If you’re not sure whether a galley kitchen would suit your renovation or just can’t picture what it is going to look like then book a free in-store design and we can design with our 3D software.  Alternatively drop into one of our showrooms in Preston, Moorabbin, Maribyrnong, and Kilsyth, get some ideas for your new kitchen and book an appointment. At your appointment, our friendly, experienced staff can look at your kitchen space and budget and set you on the right path.