Flatpack Kitchens: Expectations vs. Reality

Flatpack Kitchens: Expectations vs. Reality

If you’re considering a flatpack kitchen for your kitchen renovation, chances are you’ve heard a lot about them. We’re here to set the record straight about a few things we’ve heard so that you know exactly what you’re getting when you invest in a flatpack kitchen.


Expectation #1: I can order AND install a flatpack kitchen in a single weekend!

Reality: Not possible.

We’ve had clients visit one of our four flatpack kitchen showrooms in Melbourne expecting to go home with a brand new kitchen that very day, but this isn’t possible. First, we have our clients work with our design team to make sure that their flatpack kitchen will meet their needs and tastes. Measurements need to be taken, and materials need to be ordered.

Once your flatpack kitchen arrives, it’s possible then that you can install your beautiful new space over the course of a weekend. But depending on a variety of factors – such as the size of your kitchen, the materials selected, and your own experience building a flatpack kitchen – it could take four days or so.


Expectation #2: I have to install a flatpack kitchen myself!

Reality: Nope!

While a lot of our clients enjoy the satisfaction that comes with building one’s own kitchen, a fair number of them do not share this same enthusiasm. Many local contractors will be able to help you with your flatpack kitchen installation, and we have several who we can suggest to help you with your new kitchen.


Expectation #3: Flatpack kitchens are inferior in quality and will warp over time!

Reality: This is absolutely untrue when it comes to Kitchen Shack flatpack kitchens.

Our kitchen cabinets and components are crafted from plantation-sourced timber products. Everything we use meets the AS/NZ standards for the manufacturing of MDF and particle board, and our products are tested for their ability to resist moisture so they won’t become warped or damaged.

We know we build quality products and we want our clients to feel safe in their investment. That’s why the products we use have been rigorously tested to guarantee that they will stay just as beautiful as they are durable for 10 years.


Expectation #4: Working with a kitchen designer is expensive!

Reality: It can be, but it’s not the case when you build a kitchen with Kitchen Shack.

When we meet with a client, we take into consideration both their needs and their budget. From there, we work with them to determine what they need in their kitchen space, and at a price they can afford. Our experienced team takes pride in not only helping create beautiful areas but coming up with solutions to help our clients save money and make the most out of their kitchen.


Expectation #5: Choose a flatpack kitchen and your options are limited!

Reality: Not at all!

Flatpack kitchens have come a long way over the years. While a decade or so ago there may have been limited options, this industry has expanded exponentially given the increase in demand for flatpack kitchens.

Better than ever before, you can choose cabinetry, drawers and components of various shapes, sizes, colours and styles. For example, Kitchen Shack has a range of contemporary kitchens, traditional kitchens, modern kitchens and beloved Shaker kitchens available.


The options have become so vast that homeowners are thrilled to find that they can get that “custom kitchen” feel without the “custom kitchen” price tag.


There is no DIY kitchen project too big or too small for Kitchen Shack. We promise that our flatpack kitchens will deliver the best value possible for your investment, and we’ll beat any competitors’ price for the same product and service by 5%. We invite you to stop by one of our three showrooms in Preston, Kilsyth, and Maribyrnong to explore your flatpack kitchen options today.