White budget kitchen with cooktop

Five Flat Pack Kitchen Myths Uncovered

Flat pack kitchens are somewhat new to the industry, so there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding them. This dynamic home renovation option has changed a lot over the years, and we at Kitchen Shack want to set the record straight about what you should – and shouldn’t – expect from your flat pack kitchen.

Myth 1: A flat pack kitchen means poor quality

Gone are the days when flat pack kitchens were constructed from flimsy and easily damaged particleboard and MDF.

The best flat pack kitchens on the market today are constructed from high-quality moisture resistant double-sided melamine faced particle board and are matched with quality drawer runner systems, hinges, and hardware.

When properly installed and maintained, it’s not uncommon for flat pack kitchens to be just as gorgeous and remain in top shape for as long as a custom kitchen. What makes a flat pack kitchen a more attractive option, however, is the significantly lower price tag that comes with it.

Myth 2: A flat pack kitchen can’t be customised

This isn’t a complete myth since some companies produce flat pack kitchens that come in one standard size.

But here is where Kitchen Shack differs from those other companies: all our width of cabinets can suit any kitchen space perfectly so that you can get that custom-made look for a fraction of the price.  

We also offer special orders on request. With our kitchens, you’ll receive a stunning finished product that is a reflection of your unique personal tastes and style.  All backed by a 10-year guarantee so we know our kitchens will last the test of time.

Myth 3: You don’t need a Kitchen Designer

If you want to be happy with your end result a Kitchen Designer is imperative.  A Kitchen Designer will save you time, resources, and loads of stress. They can help you make the most of your space with clever storage solutions and they know what works in a functional kitchen space.

Redesigning your kitchen involves making a series of significant and well-informed decisions. Hiring a Designer means having a professional set of eyes to double check your design choices and having someone there to offer expert tips and insights on how to get the most out of your kitchen.

Myth 4: Only experienced carpenters can install a flat pack kitchen

Homeowners have the option to hire someone to install their flat pack kitchen for them. But part of the drawcard to this type of kitchen is the fact that homeowners with basic carpentry knowledge can also build and install the kitchen themselves (which also means substantial savings).

However, most of our customers choose to use our experienced installers to fit out the kitchen to save time and headaches.

Myth 5: Thinking a renovation will fall into place once you start?

Far too often we have had clients kick off their kitchen renovation without properly preparing and planning for it.

Resist the urge to believe that everything will magically fall into place once you start your kitchen renovation (this goes for both flat pack and custom kitchens!). Take the guesswork and ensure accuracy by downloading our Design Guide to understand how to measure your space then bring in your requirements to one of our designers here at Kitchen Shack (we can also arrange a check measure upon request).

We welcome you to book a free in-store kitchen design with one of our Kitchen Designers here at Kitchen Shack! Call us, book an appointment online, or stop by any one of our showroom locations in Maribyrnong, Preston, and Kilsyth to speak to one of our expert designers today.