Ferntree Gully Kitchen Renovation

Ferntree Gully Kitchen Renovation

Why renovate a kitchen when your kids are all grown up and leaving the nest? With good reason – they just keep coming back!

Circumstances change constantly, whether it’s housing rental increases, relationship break ups or just your average life crisis.

Your kitchen could be full of chaos and action one month and back to peaceful cups of tea the next. So let’s explore the story behind this Ferntree Gully Kitchen Renovation.

What needed to change for this Ferntree Gully Family?

Being avid chefs, this family were fed up with the small kitchen that did not accommodate their 5-bedroom home.

Even though their adult children were either moving out, or moving back in, they were still very much a part of the household, along with their partners.

They were keen to create a larger kitchen space that could accommodate their extended family comfortably.

To achieve this meant a few alterations to the original floor plan. Their builder took out a few walls, and opened up the front of the house, to create a new dining and lounge area connected to the kitchen.

With more space to work with they set about designing their dream family kitchen.

Designing a kitchen for passionate cooks.

Our clients and their daughters are all very keen cooks, and love nothing more than creating together in the kitchen.

Working with Kitchen Shack Kilsyth designer, Nita, she listened to all their needs, and how they envisioned their kitchen working for their family.

Functionality was the main focus of the over-all design, along with;
✏️Large island bench for food preparation and entertaining
✏️Open shelving for cookbook collection
✏️Double ovens at bench height
✏️Zoned workspaces so multiple chefs could be cooking at the same time
✏️Multi functional storage

Creating Zones in a kitchen plan.

To facilitate the various kitchen activities, Nita designed for 3 different zones.

Each zone would allow a person to work freely and undisturbed, without their usual shuffling and rearranging.

🙌🏼Zone 1 – Large island bench for family gatherings or bake-offs.

🙌🏼Zone 2 – Meal prep area (on left) near ovens and cooktop.

🙌🏼Zone 3 – Making tea, coffee, or snacks (on right) side near fridge… for the non-bakers!

This design is perfect for an extended family, or just one content cook. It allows everyone to achieve their tasks without getting in each other’s way.

Future proofing their new kitchen.

As they matured, they had become more aware of functionality and accessibility. So, they chose two Electrolux walls ovens, mounted side by side. This avoids the the need to bend down and lift heavy baking trays.

Pots and pans are now easy to access from deep drawers, rather than cupboards.

And they are thrilled with the new pantry set-up, cleverly arranged in pull-out drawers. All their baking and cooking goods are neatly stacked in easy to reach containers, with good visibility at a glance.

The drawer components are more expensive than cupboards and shelves, however, they saw it as an investment in the future, and one they were happy to make.

How did they save on such a large renovation?

Our Ferntree Gully clients did plenty of research and knew exactly what they wanted.

They chose Kitchen Shack for its incredible prices and their range of cabinetry. Once they met with their Kitchen Shack designer, they felt super confident in their vision, and knew they could create an amazing kitchen within their budget.

They decided to sacrifice the stone benchtops for a hard-wearing Duropal laminate in Natural Chalet Oak, saving them $6,000.00. The money they saved enabled them to complete the flooring throughout the renovation.

What are their favourite aspect of their new kitchen?

Our clients “love, love, love” their new expansive, open kitchen. There are so many things that make them smile, some big and some small.

Like most of us, a pull-out double rubbish bin is one of life’s small pleasures. The island bench is a big win for family gatherings, and all the cooks in the house.

And everybody loves the country-style look of the timber finish, combined with the White and Blue Platinum Inspire cabinetry, all finished with the tiled splash back in Meteoric Antique.

The kitchen style reflects the beautiful parklands that border their property, with towering gums and the sound of bellbirds and magpies to greet you every morning.

Our clients commented that it was so valuable working with an experienced kitchen designer like Nita. She addressed all concerns and challenges and offered the perfect solutions.

If you’re looking for a budget kitchen renovation like this, then speak with one of our professional Designers today. Book your Free in-Store Design & Quote below.


Location: Ferntree Gully, Melbourne

Reason for Renovating: Large family to accommodate multiple chefs in the kitchen at once.

Before DIY Kitchen Renovation: Small pokey kitchen that lacked space and storage.

After DIY Kitchen Renovation: White and Blue Platinum Inspire cabinetry in this large kitchen. Now has multiple work zones, huge number of drawers to accommodate storage and cooking. Large kitchen island bench for meal prep and entertaining large family.

Cabinets Kitchen: Platinum Inspire white and blue with Excel Urban Oak overhead cabinetry.

Benchtops Kitchen: Duropal laminte Natural Chalet Oak.