Dromana Kitchen Renovation: from cramped to spacious

Dromana Kitchen Renovation: from cramped to spacious

Get the feeling your home is shrinking around you?

Before and After Dromana Kitchen transformation.

As your family grows, the walls seem to close in, especially when you add a generous helping of plastic toys and Lego pieces underfoot. It’s a realisation that something needs to change!

In 2020, our Dromana clients purchased their charming 2-bedroom beachside cottage. It was clear from the outset that the small, cramped rooms needed open plan modifications. Add to this the challenges faced by numerous lock downs, a toddler, and a baby, suddenly a renovation became an essential priority.

How do you tackle a low budget renovation?

Navigating the landscape of a budget renovation can be tricky. With interest rates and ever-present rising cost of living, proceeding with a renovation requires careful consideration. Naturally, the budget is a central consideration along with quality and an appealing design. The savvy Dromana couple embarked on an exploration of their options within their budget firmly in mind. They soon found if you’re smart and do your research, you can save money and add value to your investment.

Collaborating with a local builder, they embarked on the mission of a revised floorplan. Walls were removed and the narrow hallway integrated to increase the open perception of their home. This move then connected the kitchen and living spaces. The small bathroom transitioned to the laundry is now well placed adjacent to the kitchen. With the floor plan firmly established, their attention shifted to the kitchen recognising its central role in the renovation’s success. The couple allocated a reasonable portion of their over-all budget to the kitchen and the appliances, understanding ‘kitchens sell homes’.

Not knowing where to search for kitchens and laundries they focused on forums to seek other opinions. It was here they discovered Kitchen Shack and after reading reviews were impressed. They wasted no time in booking a Free In-Store Design and Quote at the Moorabbin showroom.

Was it easy to design a family kitchen on a budget?

Designing a family centric kitchen on a budget may appear challenging, yet the couple found themselves thrilled by the recommendations provided by the Kitchen Shack Designer. With enthusiasm in tow, they signed up for their new kitchen and laundry renovation immediately. The process proved remarkable seamless and impressive, boasting an extensive selection of finishes and designs that further validated their choice.

Blessed with two young children, the couple’s kitchen included an abundance of bench space, an inviting island bench for snacks and meals, and practical storage to keep little hands out of harm’s way. With more space in the new open plan design, the designer was able to work with a U-shaped layout with three work zones:

  1. Wet area with double sink for a practical cleaning area.
  2. Cooktop and meal preparation zone.
  3. Island bench for casual meals and a hub for family interaction.

To remain within their budget, they opted for cupboard units rather than drawer stacks, in a simple White Satin Shaker style. The aesthetic timber laminate benchtops were a great choice for added texture and cost-conscious decision sidestepping the pricier option of stone surfaces. To keep the beach cottage vibe on track, the couple selected a classic white subway tile to add timeless design.

The visual look extends to the open plan laundry, seamlessly transitioning along the rear wall, leading to the new bathroom. The design choice not only creates a unified look but instils confidence in the knowledge that the design will still look great for future resale.
A successful transformation achieved on a budget, resulting in a space the includes everything on their Wishlist.

Was the builder happy to use Kitchen Shack?

Navigating the collaboration with their builder within their budget necessitated clear and concise communication. Decisions surrounding project management and the sourcing of materials, labour and appliances necessitated careful consideration. While many builders are accommodating of flat pack solutions, the matter of kitchen installation remained. The Dromana couple, for their part elected to have their builder handle the installation process, including plumbing and electrical.

Evidently, the local builder’s experience with Kitchen Shack provided to be a revelation. The advantages of pre-assembled cabinetry were evident. This streamlined the installation process in start contract to the more intensive flat pack alternatives. The builder’s enthusiasm about this efficiency leads to an eagerness to use Kitchen Shack for future projects, given the quality and ease of installation.

For those thinking of a renovation in conjunction with a builder, the advantage of assembled kitchen and laundry cabinetry is superior. Embracing this can alleviate stresses that can occur in renovations. To embark on your kitchen or laundry journey, book in a Free In-Store Design and Quote below for a seamless transformation. If you want to see other customers renovations view here.

This Dromana kitchen renovation stands as a testament to the possibilities when budget conscious considerations come together with creative design and collaboration. Spaces now ready for culinary delights and family connections for years to come.


Location: Dromana, Melbourne

Reason for Renovating: Growing family needing more space in kitchen and laundry.

Before DIY Kitchen Renovation: Tight spaces with minimal functionality for family.

After DIY Kitchen Renovation: White cabinetry opens up the space in the kitchen and laundry. Loads of extra storage including Island bench now suitable for family and friends. Open plan laundry being close to kitchen easier for family washing.

Cabinets Kitchen: Shaker White cabinetry with open shelving overhead.

Benchtops Kitchen: Duropal laminate Natural Chalet Oak.